RebatesMe FAQs and Help
  • Tracking My Cash Back
    Please allow 1-7 business days for your cash back to appear in your RebatesMe account.
  • I Can’t Add Order Inquiries
    Order inquiries are allowed after 7 days.
  • Using Coupons
    Cash backs are not available when using coupons not authorized by RebatesMe.
  • Receiving My Money
    Please allow 48 hours for Paypal and one week for credit cards.
  • My Payment Was Rejected
    Your payment method may be invalid.
  • Referral Bonus
    Earn a 10% referral bonus by sharing RebatesMe with your friends.
Other Questions and Help
  • How do I activate my account?
    You will receive an activation email upon signing up. Please click on the link inside the email to activate your account.
  • Why doesn't my cashback show up after I complete my online purchase ?
    Typically it will take about 1-7 business days for the merchant to track your order. If it hasn’t been posted to your account after 7 business days, please go to your account and click on Add Order to manually add it. We will contact the merchant and update the status once it’s resolved.
  • How long does it take for my cash back to become available?
    Your cash back earnings will be posted to your account 1-7 days after your purchase, but the cash back for the purchase will not be Available for payment until 90 days upon merchants' return policy.
  • Why can’t I add order inquiries manually?
    Please make sure that your order was made via RebatesMe. You cannot manually add an order until 7 business days after you placed the order. Please note that some merchants like eBay, Amazon, and Gymboree don’t allow inquiries.
  • Why does my order inquiry keep showing as “processing”?
    Generally, this process takes 1-4 weeks. We strive to resolve these cases as quickly as possible, however, we have to wait for the merchant to respond. We thank you for your patience and want you to know that your order inquiry status will be updated as soon as we hear from the merchant.
  • Why is my cash back amount different from what I expected?
    Cash Back is earned on your net purchase amount, which excludes taxes, coupons, fees, shipping, gift-wrapping, discounts or credits, returns or cancellations, and extended warranties. Purchases of gift cards do not qualify for Cash Back. Cash Back amounts vary by store and product category and may contain exclusions in the terms of the offer and/or the applicable store page.
  • Will I get cash back from orders made on cell phones?
    Some merchants do not support cell phone order tracking cash back, you can check the merchant terms on our site before purchase.
  • Why has my cash back been canceled while my package has been received ?
    This usually happened when order returned / cancelled /partial goods shipped/shipped departed .Or you buy some items which are non-commissionable according to merchants' special terms.
    Please let it free to contact us when your order  complete even it was partially shipped/shipped departly.
  • What’s the difference between “Pending” and Available”?
    The cash back cycle is 90 days so your cash back status will show as “Pending” for up to 90 days. After 90 days your status will be updated to “Available”.
    The 90 day cycle is required because most stores take up to 90 days to report returns or order cancellations.
  • How can I be sure I’m earning cash back?
    You can be sure you’re earning cash back as long as you are clicking on the link to shop from the RebatesMe website. You will see a confirmation pop-up from RebatesMe after you click the link to shop and are being redirected to the store’s website.
  • Am I ordering directly from RebatesMe?
    No, RebatesMe is not a store and doesn’t sell any products. RebatesMe partners with merchants to provide our customers with a cash back service. You go to the store’s website via RebatesMe and in return RebatesMe tracks your purchase so you earn cash back. If you have questions about a product that you purchased, please contact the store that you purchased it from.
  • Can I get cash back on a gift card purchase?
    While it’s not guaranteed, you can sometimes get cash back on a gift card purchase. You can also receive cash back while using gift cards. Please refer to the merchant’s cash back guidelines for more information.
  • Can I use coupons not provided by RebatesMe and still get cash back?
    In general, cash backs are not available using unauthorized coupon codes. The stores often use coupon codes to determine the source of the order. So if you click to the site through RebatesMe but use a coupon code not found on RebatesMe, the store will credit the order to the source of the coupon code, not RebatesMe.
    In order to ensure that the cash back can be tracked, it’s recommended that you use authorized RebatesMe coupon codes.
  • when can I apply for payment?
    When your account available cashback reach minimum $20, you can apply for payment. You need to log in to the personal center of your RebatesMe account and click the "Payout" button so that you can submit your application for payment. You can use Alipay, PayPal, Credit Card to charge your cashback.
  • Can I changed my payment method after I’ve applied it?
    In general, you can’t change your payment method after you’ve submitted a payout request. In some circumstances, such as an error, you may contact our customer service department at to make a correction.
  • How do I get my money and how long will it take to receive my money after I’ve requested payment?
    Once the status of your cash back has changed from “pending” to available” please click on the Get My Cash button. Once your payment information is confirmed, your money should arrive within 48 hours for PayPal and within one week for a credit card payment.
  • What should I do if my payment is rejected?
    This may happen if your payment method information is invalid or if your cash back order has updated and there has been a change in the order, such as a refund, exchange, or cancellation. If you are unsure as to why your payment got rejected please contact us.
  • How can I change my payment method?
    Log in to your RebatesMe account and go to Account Settings. In the Edit Payment Method section, choose your payment method and click Save Changes.
  • How do I refer friends to RebatesMe?
    Go to your account dashboard and click on “Invite Friends” to get your unique referral link. Share this link anywhere - email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +. Once your friend signs up using your link you will be able to see it in your account under “My Friends”.
    You will receive a 10% bonus on all the cash back your friend earns for a year!
    There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer. (Sorry, but referring yourself doesn’t count.)
  • When will my referral bonus become available?
    When your friend completes an order and receives their cash back you will receive 10% of their cash back total for a whole year.
    Your referral bonus will become available after the cash back is available to your friend.
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