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Home > Blog > Deals > Clinique's Sunny Day Staples Set is Here!

Clinique's Sunny Day Staples Set is Here!

An Amazing Summer Deal
RebatesMe 05/20/21(PST)

Clinique has got your back this summer! For a limited time, you can get your hands on a limited-edition Sunny Day Staples Set from Clinique -- A tote packed with 5 full-sized summer skincare essentials!

To get the bag, you must make a purchase of any amount on Clinique. Then, you can purchase the bag for $35 -- an incredible deal considering all the products by themselves would cost over $150 by themselves. Below, we break down everything you get in the bag.

Clinique Sunny Days Set is just $35 for a limited time!

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Clinique Sunny Day Staples Set

Moisture Surge Pop Triple Lip Balm

A multi-tasking hydrating lip balm that will not only add a beautiful shine to your lips but also protect it against the intense summer sun. The triple-action comes from the three distinct layers of the stick. You've got the outer "shine" layer, the hydrating shea butter middle ring, and the sheer wash of color center layer all acting together.

True Bronze Powder Bronzer

A lightweight bronzing powder that's designed to give your skin a natural sun-kissed glow -- perfect for the hot summer days to come. It's also long-lasting and oil-free, so any skintype can enjoy this premium bronzer.

7 Day Scrub Cream

One of Clinique's most beloved scrubs, this special formula gently exfoliates, polishes, and refines your skin's texture. What makes this scrub so gentle is that it's completely free of any alcohol, synthetic colors, sulfates, fragrances, or any other skin irritants!

Moisture Surge Face Spray

The sun can quickly dry out your skin, leaving it cracked, flaky, and damaged. To protect your face this summer against the heat, you can use this highly moisturizing face spary. It's designed to immediately combat very dry skin and relieve skin instantly. Its oil-free formula can be used whenever you feel like your face is dry - giving you protection all day long.

High Impact Waterproof Mascara (black)

The perfect companion to the beach this summer. This waterproof mascara resists clumping, smudging, and bleeding even when getting sprayed with water. It's perfect for a day by the water or just one of those many hot and humid summer days that are sure to come.

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