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Home > Blog > Guides > The Best Men's Jackets for Fall 2020

The Best Men's Jackets for Fall 2020

The top jackets & sweaters
Evan M. 09/21/20(PST)

Fall's here! And if you're looking for a new men's jacket for the occasion, then you've come to the right place.

These are the best men's jackets, sweaters, and coats for the fall for 2020. Expect good quality throughout, and plenty of styles and features to choose from.

Eddie Bauer men's grey jacket with a hood

Cloud Cap Rain Jacket

Eddie Bauer

An ultralight nylon shell helps repel water while remaining breathable. Eddie Bauer has a history of creating durable products, and here is no different. So don’t feel bad about throwing it in a backpack, and taking it on your next adventure.

Price: $69.30 (lowest, depends on color)

Colors: 6

Fit: Regular, Tall

Key Feature: Waterproof rain jacket

Columbia black fleece men's jacket

Steens Mountain Fleece Jacket


One of Columbia’s most popular jackets for both men and women. It’s fine to wear alone, but a lot of people often use it as a liner when it gets a bit colder.

The fact that it comes in a large number of sizes and colors while also being a great price point makes this a good gift for anyone.

Price: $39.99 (lowest, depends on color)

Colors: 7

Fit: Standard, Bigger, Tall

Key Feature: Fleece zip-up jacket

Lululemon burgundy men's warp lite jacket
Warp Lite Jacket


A premium athletic jacket that’s meant to look as good as it functions. It’s lightweight enough to be worn on a cooler summer night, but really it’s meant for the fall and spring.

It is rather spendy, and doesn’t offer anything particularly unique beyond being a high quality and exceptionally fitting jacket. Making it certainly geared more towards those who value style, or those looking for a nice gift.

Price: $148

Colors: 3

Fit: Regular

Key Feature: Outdoor athletic jacket

L.L. Bean quilted sweatshirt for men

Quilted Sweatshirt

L.L. Bean

A pullover that’s comfortable and great for work or leisure. With this fall jacket you can expect outstanding quality and an exceptional fit. The price isn’t too shabby either.

Granted, the $70 mark is a bit higher than other options on the list, but the quality of this jacket really shows.

Price: $69.95

Colors: 8

Fit: Regular, Tall

Key Feature: Quilted sweatshirt

Marmont drop line fleece pullover

Drop Line Fleece Pullover


A lightweight pullover fleece that’s simple, well fitted, and comfortable. It’s perfect for mildly chilly days or can even be used as a liner for more intense conditions.

This jacket is made with a mesh that causes it to deter some moisture while drying quickly – making it perfect for more outdoorsy expeditions.

Price: $58.99

Colors: 6

Fit: Regular

Key Feature: Lightweight fleece pullover

Nike sportswear hoodie for men

Sportswear Club Sweatshirt


A simple fleece hoodie perfect for jogging, working out, or just chilling outside. It comes in a large swath of colors and sizes – which is what you can expect from Nike.

Full price, you can expect to pay around $60…but with Nike you hardly ever have to thanks to their assortment of coupons and promotions going on constantly.

Price: $60

Colors: 10

Fit: Regular

Key Feature: Zip up athletic hoodie

Patagonia tan men's trucker jacket

Trim Corduroy Trucker Jacket


Patagonia jackets are heavily sought after, but one that doesn’t nearly get enough attention is their Trucker Jacket. More for work than outdoor adventures, this jacket is thick and durable. It’s got an extremely comfortable interior that can keep you warm into the winter months.

It is pricey, but trucker jackets are known to last for much longer than the average jacket. If you plan on working outside or just want something to face some more extreme elements, then this might be a good investment.

Price: $179

Colors: 1

Fit: Regular

Key Feature: Warmer corduroy jacket

Dickie's men's nylon quilted jacket for the fall

Quilted Nylon Jacket


A simple jacket that’s meant to go through the ringer a bit more than other choices. You can see that through it’s material and fit the most.

Nylon is a great insulator that also repels water, while it also has a looser fit helping with mobility. It doesn’t come in a lot of colors or styles, but

Price: $50

Colors: 2

Fit: Regular

Key Feature: Water-resistant nylon jacket

Columbia red rain jacket

Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket


If you’re looking for a traditional autumn rain/fall jacket, then Columbia’s got your back. It’s Glennaker Lake jacket is everything you can expect from a great rain jacket— lightweight, lots of pockets, a detachable hood, an assortment of colors, and lots of sizes.

At $39.99, it’s also one of the best deals here – making it one of our favorites.

Price: $39.99

Colors: 10

Fit: Regular

Key Feature: Lightweight rain jacket

Adidas men's windbreaker jacket for running

Hooded Running Jacket


Adidas makes an excellent wind jacket that’s perfect for going on runs in the fall. It’s super lightweight, but it’s outer shell is reflective, water proof, and wind-chill resistant.

If you’re looking for a solid running jacket that won’t weigh you down, this fits the bill.

Price: $62

Colors: 5

Fit: Regular

Key Feature: Lightweight running jacket

Polo blue collard lightweight windbreaker for men

Lightweight Windbreaker


A bit spendy, but one of the most loved men’s fall jackets. Most people love the fit and collar– which gives it a very classy look overall. But because of the price, this is definitely a splurge item.

Price: $148

Colors: 3

Fit: Regular

Key Feature: Windbreaker

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