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Home > Blog > Guides > Top Women's Jackets and Sweaters for Fall 2020

Top Women's Jackets and Sweaters for Fall 2020

Sweater weather is here!
Evan M. 09/22/20(PST)

It's sweater weather. To help combat the cold, here are our top women's sweaters, jackets, and cartigans for 2020. All of these have been picked for their excellent quality, fit and comfort, and price.

Eddie Bauer pullover women's sweater

Easy Pullover Sweater

Eddie Bauer

Any easy cotton yarn v-neck sweater that’s comfortable, stylish, and an easy grab for any outing this fall. It’s a relaxed fit and has some beautiful but subtle details in the stitching.

Price: $30

Colors/Styles: 3

Fit: Regular

Type: Pullover Sweater

Easy V-Neck Pullover Women's Sweater + 2.2% Cash Back
Shop Now

Long-sleeve blue button cardigan for women

Long-Sleeve Button Cardigan


One of the more popular cardigans for women this fall. This button-up cardigan is meant to fit well while complementing just about any ensemble. Overall, it’s a quality cardigan for a very nice price.

Price: $39.99

Colors/Styles: 7

Fit: Regular

Type: Button up cardigan

Women's Long-Sleeve Button-Front Cardigan + 15% Cash Back
Shop Now

Eddie Bauer sandstone backbone womens jacket

Sandstone Backbone Jacket

Eddie Bauer

A lightweight, slim fitting, soft-shell jacket that’s made to keep out the elements. It’s perfect for hiking in the mountains, or simple autumn walks.

Price: $49.50

Colors/Styles: 3

Fit: Regular, Petite, Tall, Plus

Type: Zip-up athletic jacket

Sandstone Backbone Jacket + 2.2% Cash Back
Shop Now

L.L. Bean fleece pullover women's sweater

Fleece/Sweater Pullover

L.L. Bean

One of L.L. Bean’s more popular fleece pullovers for women. It’s everything you’d want from a quality fleece. It’s soft, cozy, slightly fitted, and easy to clean. This particular style also has 13 different colors to choose from, and a very nice price point.

Price: $39.99 (certain styles)

Colors/Styles: 13

Fit: Regular, Petite, Plus

Type: Fleece pullover

Women's Sweater Fleece Pullover + 4.1% Cash Back
Shop Now

The North Face ThermoBall Eco women's jacket

ThermoBall Eco Jacket

The North Face

An ultra-lightweight insulated jacket made from recycled fabrics. It’s easy to compress and pack while offering your body warmth whether it’s dry or wet outside. It also comes in 19 colors total.

Price: $119.99

Colors/Styles: 19

Fit: Regular

Type: thermal jacket – no hood

Women's ThermoBall Eco Jacket + 12% Cash Back
Shop Now

Columbia blue women's windbreaker

Flash Forward Lined Windbreaker


A windbreaker always comes in handy. If you’re in need of a new one this fall, then Columbia has some of the best for the price. It’s simple, and doesn’t come in a lot of different styles, but it easily gets the job done .

Price: $29.98

Colors/Styles: 4

Fit: Regular

Type: windbreaker

Women's Flash Forward™ Lined Windbreaker + 8% Cash Back
Shop Now

Levi's women jean jacket

Women’s Original Denim Trucker Jacket


If you love the look of a denim jacket in the fall, then you’ll absolutely adore Levi’s original women’s trucker jacket. It has a typical denim tomboy-ish fit (a bit looser) with a length that hits about at the hip. It’s easy to clean as it’s machine washable and does not need a lot of TLC.

Please note, a lot of people have mentioned that the jacket seems to run small. Order a size up to be

Price: $64.99

Colors/Styles: 7

Fit: Regular

Type: Jean Jacket

Women's Original Trucker Jacket + 8% Cash Back
Shop Now

Icebreaker wool insulated women's jacket

Ellipse MerinoLOFT Insulated Jacket


One of the most popular insulated jackets on the market right now. It’s mostly made of merino wool (a softer wool) with a polyester shell to help repel water. Wool is a popular jacket material thanks its ability to be water resistant, insulating, yet breathable.

On sale, this jacket normally goes for about $150 – however this design has been discontinued, ensuring you can get about 33% off.

Price: $99

Colors/Styles: 2

Fit: Form-fitting

Type: Insulated wool jacket

Ellipse Merino Wool, Insulated Jacket (For Women) + Coupons Only
Shop Now

Lululemon Nulux pink women's athletic jacket

Define Jacket Nulux


The same quality you get from Lululemon’s athletic pants are shown off with their ever popular Nulux jacket. It is an incredibly soft jacket that excels at being lightweight too. It’s perfect to wear while working out outside…but because of how comfortable it is you’re probably going to want to wear it all the time.

Price: $118

Colors/Styles: 2

Fit: Form-fitting

Type: Lightweight technical jacket

Women's: Define Nulux Jacket + 5% Cash Back

Patagonia Los Gatos fleece women's jacket

Los Gatos Fleece Jacket


One of Patagonia’s fluffier fleece jacket. It can be worn by itself or as a liner. It’s meant to fit more to your form than a regular jacket, but not overly so like a technical/workout jacket. Overall, it’s a great outdoor women’s jacket.

Price: $90.30

Colors/Styles: 6

Fit: Regular

Type: Fleece Jacket

Patagonia Los Gatos Fleece Jacket-Women's + 10% Cash Back
Shop Now

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