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Home > Blog > Guides > 11 Must-Have Bobbi Brown Products for 2020
11 Must-Have Bobbi Brown Products for 2020
The most loved cosmetics of 2020
Evan M. 09/01/20(PDT)

Let’s cut to the chase. These are the latest and greatest makeup and skincare items Bobbi Brown has to offer all according to the people who use them every day.

To get a spot here, these items had to have rave reviews and an abundance of recommendations. So without a doubt, we can say that these are indeed the most sought after items of 2020 (at least so far).

Vitamin Enriched Face Base

Moisturizer and primer

One of Bobbi Brown’s best-selling moisturizer for good reason. It’s hyper hydrating without being oily, plus it gets results. People with all kinds of skin types (especially those with extra dry skin) have raved about how this cream makes the skin feel refreshing, hydrated, and smooth.

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Price: $60

Type: cream

Size: 1.7 oz

Use: Daily moisturizer

BOBBI BROWN: Vitamin Enriched Face Base + 10% Cash Back

Crushed Oil Infused Lip Gloss

Hydrating non-sticky gloss

12 shades of one of the most nutrient-rich and popular glosses around. It’s not super thick or sticky, and so it’s comfortable to wear all day. It’s certainly shiny, but not overly so – which seems to be one of the top features people love.

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Price: $27

Type: lip gloss

Size: 0.2fl oz

Shades: 12

BOBBI BROWN: Crushed Oil Enfused Lip Gloss + 10% Cash Back

Hydrating Eye Cream

Quick-absorbing cream

This cream has been regarded as one of the best you can buy for quite sometime now, and that tradition continues. It leaves the area around your eyes soft, its unscented and doesn’t irritate the skin, all while removing lines at an astonishing speed.

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Price: $56

Type: Eye cream

Size: 0.5 oz

BOBBI BROWN: Hydrating Eye Cream + 10% Cash Back

Long-wear Gel Eyeliner

Liquid-like gel liner

With this, you get a bold and rich look that lasts up to 8 hours partially thanks to its water/sweat-proof formula. People love it, and so do the critics – as it’s won multiple awards throughout the years.

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Price: $27

Type: Eye cream

Size: 0.1 oz

Shades: 5

BOBBI BROWN: Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner + 10% Cash Back

Bronzing Powder

Matte-finish bronzer

A soft matte finish bronzer that’s lightweight. It’s one of Bobbi’s best of 2020 because it blends seamlessly while looking completely natural.

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Price: $44

Finish: Matte

Size: 0.28 oz

Shades: 6

BOBBI BROWN: Bronzing Powder + 10% Cash Back

Sheer Finish Pressed Powder

Portable, oil-absorbing powder

Get a flawless finish with a powder that sets and perfects foundation. It’s key feature is that it’s oil-absorbent. People with oily skin will find this as a godsend, but it’s versatile enough to be used on just about any skin type.

Read the Reviews

Price: $42

Size: 0.38 oz

Shades: 9

BOBBI BROWN: Sheer Finished Pressed Powder + 10% Cash Back

Hydrating Face Cream

Lightweight moisturizer

Thirsty extra dry skin needs a moisturizer that does some serious hydrating. This won’t disappoint. It’s key benefit is that it gets some serious work done while maintaining a lightweight feel – making it a comfortable addition to your routine.

Just keep it mind that it works best if you layer it under your makeup.

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Price: $60

Size: 1.7 oz

Best For: Dry/extra dry skin

BOBBI BROWN: Hydrating Face Cream + 10% Cash Back

Highlighting Powder

Pearl-infused, illuminator

Discontinued for a moment, but brought back by popular demand, this highlighting powder offers a seamless and elegant highlight that users absolutely love.

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Price: $48

Size: 0.28 oz

Shades: 2

BOBBI BROWN: Highlighting Powder + 10% Cash Back


Dark circle eraser

Undereye discoloration is no more. This corrector comes in 16 shades that can cover the darkest circles for just about anyone. This is one of Bobbi’s most popular items, causing it to be out-of-stock frequently. So if you spot it, better jump on it soon before others do.

Read the Reviews

Price: $29

Size: 0.05 oz

Shades: 16

BOBBI BROWN: Corrector + 10% Cash Back


Light & summery perfume

A summer-y perfume that elegantly combines mandarin, sea spray, and jasmine. Although it’s warm notes resonate with sunny days, this perfume is loved year-round.

Read the Reviews

Price: $79

Size: 1.7fl oz.

Notes: Sand jasmine, sea spray, mandarin

BOBBI BROWN: Beach Perfume + 10% Cash Back

Skin Foundation Stick

On-the-go stick

A foundation that’s designed to be used wherever you are. Consequently, this foundation is extremely easy to apply.

Ease of use is great, but what really sells this product is the fact that it blends in seamlessly with the skin. With 43 different shades, it’s not hard to see why. But really, it’s not so much the shade as it is the consistency and the formula that helps give it a skin-like look.

Read the Reviews

Price: $47

Size: 0.31 oz.

Shades: 43

BOBBI BROWN: Skin Foundation Stick + 10% Cash Back

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