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Clinique: Rewards and Saving Tips You Should Know - RebatesMe

All of Clinique's Offers and Freebies
RebatesMe 05/20/20(PST)

Not taking advantage of all the extra offerings Clinique has is a mistake. The cosmetic brand has a lot of free goodies and offers that any dollar conscious shopper should be taking advantage of.

Whether you’re an old customer or new, these goodies and offers are available to everyone and are a great way to get the best deal possible when shopping at Clinique.

Extra Goodies & Offers by Clinique:

• Free Shipping and Free Returns

• Free Samples

• Smart Rewards Loyalty Program

• Pay Later

• Customized Product Finders

• Expert Tips & Advice

Free Shipping & Free Returns

Free shipping and returns is standard at Clinique. All orders no matter how big or small provide this service. While this does save you a bit of money, what it really does is save you from making a purchasing mistake.

If you get a foundation that’s not quite the right shade, or some lipstick you’re not really in love with, don’t just let it sit in your cabinet forever and absorb the cost. Return it and get something that you’ll actually use.

Free Samples

You can get a free sample with every purchase you make - allowing you to try something new each time you shop.

With Clinique, the more you spend the more free samples you can receive. The first sample is included with every purchase, additional samples are distributed based on this spending scale:

• $30 = 2 samples

• $45 = 3 samples

• $60 = 4 samples

• $75 = 5 samples

• $90 = 6 samples

Using your free samples is a great way to try out a new look or shake up your skincare routine without any added cost to you, so you should be taking full advantage of this offer.

Smart Rewards Loyalty Program

Clinique’s loyalty program is called Smart Rewards. You get points for every purchase you make. The number of points determines which of 3 reward tiers you are in. Each tier gives you access to exclusive rewards and bonuses, plus all of the higher tiers include all of the rewards from lower ones.

With Smart Rewards each dollar spent is equal to 1 point. There are also some activities like writing reviews and referring friends that can get you some bonus points.

The rewards program resets yearly. From the moment you sign up you have a year to accumulate points before they reset to zero. However, even at zero points you can still enjoy the rewards in the first tier.

The three reward tiers are:

• Smart 0-249 Points

• Brilliant 250 – 499 Points

• Genius 500+ Points


• 15% off your first Clinique purchase

• Complimentary sample for any purchase

• Birthday gift

• Choice of deluxe mini after 150 points earned

• Automatic sweepstakes entry (4x per year)


• All Smart bonuses

• Free product with a value up to $26

• Free product with a value up to $36 after earning 350 points

• $5 online credit after completing online consultation (this is free)

• Get a sneak peek at upcoming products

• Exclusive access to special and limited edition products


• All Smart & Brilliant bonuses

• Free 2-day shipping (orders that are $75 or more)

• A special Smart Rewards anniversary gift

• Clinique launch party invitation

Pay Later

Clinique has integrated a payment service known as AfterPay. AfterPay allows you to make simple interest free payments on orders over $35. This is not an extensive payment plan. You must pay off your purchase in 2 months by making a payment once every 2 weeks - meaning there are 4 payments total with the first being made when you purchase the product.

This is a nice little service that seems to be most valuable to those who absolutely need a larger order quickly - people who need to purchase several gifts or maybe have a wedding to attend to.

Customized Product Finders

Clinique has three personalized product finders that can help you find the perfect skincare or makeup products when you shop online.

There’s ClinicalReality™ which will help you find the perfect skincare routine. There’s the Foundation Finder, which is self-explanatory, and lastly there’s Clinique Shade-Match Science™, which uses your foundation to find your perfect lipstick and makeup shades.

If you're uncertain about what you need, then these little resources will be of tremendous value to you. If you're uncertain about what you've been recommended, don't sweat it. Remember, there are free returns on any product that doesn't meet your standards.

Expert Tips & Advice

One of Clinique’s biggest value propositions is the access you have to their skincare and beauty experts. You’ve probably seen a Clinque set-up inside of a department store before, but Clinique also offers you free advice online from some of the best beauty and skincare experts in the business.

There are several ways you can reach out:

• Live Chat + Video

• Through Text

• Facebook Messenger

• By Calling

Clinique’s customer service has been highly praised throughout the industry, so feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like. This is a great way to get deep insight into the products you use or to get high-quality advice about your own specific skincare needs. The world of makeup and skincare can be complicated. When shopping online it can be hard to figure out what products are best for you, which ones have the most value, and which ones will be a waste of money. This service is here to help calm those concerns and make you into a smarter shopper.

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