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Home > Blog > Guides > 2022 Fall Fashion Trends

2022 Fall Fashion Trends

Fall for these trends!
Rebatesme 08/30/22(PST)

Fall is here and the holiday season is right around the corner. We're sharing some of the hottest fall trends of 2022 to get you ready for the fall season and beyond. 



Sequins aren't just for Christmas anymore (although, it doesn't hurt to start thinking about your holiday dinner outfit, or even New Year's). Don't be afraid to add something bold and daring to your closet. Everyone looks great in sequins, and sequins make a great go-to statement piece.  

Saks Fifth Avenue
3% Cash Back

Get your high-end statement pieces this Labor Day 2022 from Saks Fifth Avenue. Shop the Designer sale today to save up to 70% on Tory Burch, Coach, Stuart Weitzman and more



Bold colors are in right now, but so is the ever classic carmel. Bright, bold colors bring cheer to the dark winter months, and they mix well with caramel-inspired hues. 

2% Cash Back
The Summer-to-Fall sale is on right now at J.Crew. Shop now to take 30% off your purchase and an extra 50% off select sale styles with discount code PASSPORT.



If you’ve ever thought about adding leather pants, or skirts or dresses to your wardrobe, now’s your chance. Whether you opt for a leather skirt with a t-shirt tucked in, or leather pants, your best leather piece will add a dramatic look as temperatures cool. 

Michael Kors
10% Cash Back
Shop VIP early access. Sign up to get an extra 25% sale.   



We all know that joggers and track jackets aren’t just for workouts anymore. Incorporating them into your everyday wardrobe has become a fashion staple, and this trend isn’t stopping anytime soon. 

10% Cash Back
Shop the Adidas sale section to save up to 50% on must-have activewear, including sneakers, apparel and more.


Blazers are a true closet staple - and this season, the oversized blazer is the chosen winner. The key to nailing this trend is finding the right balance. Pair an oversize blazer with fitted jeans or a skirt, or throw it over a tight dress.   

Ann Taylor
Up to 4% Cash Back
Don’t miss the Ann Taylor Suit Yourself event. Shop now to save 20% on full-price suiting styles with coupon code SUITING.



The right coat is always a great wardrobe investment - and a statement coat is always a winner. Choose an oversized coat in a bright, cheerful color or even classic camel.   

Banana Republic Factory
4.1% Cash Back
Pick up all the trendy pieces at Banana Republic Factory. Save up to 50% across all categories for a limited time.


You don’t have to break the bank for this trend. The basic white tank top is back and better than ever.  Keep up with the '90s vibe and pair it with baggy trousers or skinny jeans, and accessories to the max. 

2.1% Cash Back
Get 30% off fall faves and o snag an extra 40% off select sale items rights now. Use coupon code LONGWEEKEND 


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