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Secret Santa & Holiday Gifts Under $25

Get Great Gifts For Less
RebatesMe 12/14/20(PST)

If you've got a lot of people on your list, a secret Santa to partake in, or just don't want to break the bank this season - then check out these amazing gifts under $25.

Holiday Gifts Under $25

If you're looking for an even better deal, you can be earning cash back on all your purchases if you sign up with RebatesMe. It's free to join plus you'll get a welcome bonus when you do.

Clinique Moisture Surge


A good example of quality not quantity. This l oz bottle contains a lot of hydrating power that locks in moisture for 72-hours. It's one of Cliniques best moisturizers and makes an excellent skin care gift.

Clinique: Moisture Surge 72-hour Replenishing Hydrator + 8% Cash Back

Lancome 3-px Skincare Gift Set


A different skincare bundle that contains a sugar scrub, a delicate cream cleanser, and an every-day cleanser/moisturizer. It's a great little box gift at a great price point.

Lancome 3-pc Rosy Skincare Gift Set + 15% Cash Back
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Godiva Small Tin


Godiva has an assortment of gift boxes and chocolates for the holiday season. This one contains 3 different truffles and comes in a special holiday themed tin. It's perfect for kids and adults alike.

Godiva Chocolate Tin-15 pc + 8% Cash Back
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Pour Over Coffee Maker


This one is for the coffee enthusiasts. Like french presses, pour-over coffee makers give you a bit more control over the quality and strength of your coffee over typical coffee pots.

Pour Over Coffee Maker with Filter + Coupons Only
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Outdoor Products Waist Pack


A product that made our outdoor gift guide, a waist pack is perfect for the outdoor lover in your life. This one contains a water bottle holder, and a strap that can easily transform this waist pack into a shoulder bag for more comfort.

Outdoor Waist & Shoulder Pack + Up to 6% Cash Back
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Pop! Figurines


Pop figures are fun little collectables representing characters from tv, movies, comics, video games, sports teams, and books. This is a great gift for helping your friend or loved one express their fandom a bit mroe.

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