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Home > Blog > Guides > The Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide for 2020

The Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide for 2020

Get Great Gifts For the Season
Evan M. 12/01/20(PST)

The holiday season is upon us! If you're scratching your head as to what to get for those special people on your list, don't worry, we've got the seasons hottest items as well as some all-time crowd-pleasers available so that you can amaze this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Guide for 2020

Our gift guide has been curated so that you can find something for everyone on your list, while also getting the most out of your cash back. If you're not yet a RebatesMe member but would like to earn cash back, then don't worry, you can Join Now for Free. Plus when you do, you'll also be able to grab a welcome bonus.

Air Jordan Retro 5


Air Jordan's are always some of Nike's most popular gifts, and the 2020 Holiday season is no different. While there are many different styles to look at, one of the most sought after this season is this retro black and red edition. These tend to sell out fast, so hurry if you want to nab a pair before it's too late.

FINISH LINE: Air Jordan Retro 5 Basketball Shoe + 12% Cash Back

Barbie GlamGlow Instant Hydrating Duo Mask

$59 NORMAL VALUE: $120

GlamGlow is offering this limited edition hydrating and clearing mask duo pack that offers clearing power and extreme hydration. It's duo pack and limited-edition status makes it just a great skincare gift package (and a great value) that's sure to be adored.

GLAMGLOW: Barbie Instant Hydration Duo Skincare Kit + 8% Cash Back
Shop Now

MAC: Spark of Magic Duo Mascara


MAC Cosmetics is offering a limited-edition mascara kit that includes the brand's 3d black lash mascara, and carbon eye shadow. It's limited edition packaging is very fab, adding a nice little presentation touch that adds to this gift's value - the $24 price tag and added cash back is also a boom.

MAC: Spark of Magic Mascara & Eye Shadow-Limited-Edition + 14% Cash Back

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne


One of Jo Malone's signature scents and most beloved. It layers autumn notes to create a woody and fresh fragrance that can be worn at any time of the year. Jo Malone also does an excellent job at packaging it's products - which is a nice touch that's especially appreciated around the holidays.

English Pear & Freesia Cologne-100ml + 10% Cash Back

Nintendo Switch Lite


The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles of this current generation, and the switch lite continues the tradition but for $100 less. The switch lite comes in several colors not offered by the original console and can play every game the switch can. The compromise in price comes from this being a hand-held only (you can't connect it to your tv). Still, at this price point, it makes it one of the best gaming systems available.

Nintendo Switch Lite + 3% Cash Back

Xbox Series X


The Xbox Series X is Microsofts newest console iteration boasting 4k resolution and a consistent 60fps - giving it a significant performance boost over last generation's hardware. If you have someone in your life that plays on xbox, then this upgrade will be much loved. Plus, you can earn cash back on your order as well.

Microsoft does have a Series S which is a slightly less powerful console for just $399 - which makes for a great introductory console, but if the person you're buying for is a seasoned gamer, then they will get more mileage out of the $499 Series X.

Xbox Series X Game Console + Up to 5% Cash Back
Shop Now

PlayStation 5


The Playstation 5 is Sony's next gen console and boasts a significant performance boost over last gen plus a new controller that adds another dimension to gaming.

Like Microsoft, Sony also has a cheaper variant on the market as well, a $399 digital version. The thing with this cheaper variant is that you won't be able to play your Playstation 4 discs on it or play blu ray movies. Not a problem for new gamers, but ones with older consoles might like the added functionality the $499 model brings.

Playstation 5 Gaming Console + Up to 6% Cash Back
Shop Now

Apple AirPods Pro


Apple's AirPod Pros are some of the best earbuds on the market. With a plethora of noise-canceling features, multiple fit options, and connectivity features, they are a noticeable step up from Apple's basic AirPods making them a premium gift others will absolutely adore this holiday season.

Apple AirPods Pro + Up to 6% Cash Back
Shop Now

Nespresso coffee espresso machine

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee & Espresso Maker

$153.99 - SAVE 44%

This was one of our top picks for Black Friday, and has also made the cut into our Holiday Guide. This sleek and highly beloved coffee/espresso maker is a kitchen accessory that is bound to be used daily. There are a large variety of pods available for all tastes, and they can be ordered online or found in many stores across the country.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee & Espresso Maker + 15% Cash Back
Shop Now

Men's 3-Pc. Polo Blue Gift Set


Ralph Lauren's most popular scent, is now offered in a nice gift package perfect for the holidays. With it, you get a 1x 4.2oz bottle, 1x travel spray at 1oz, and one deodorant.

Kate Spade: Laurel Way Reese Handbag


A stylish and high-quality handbag by Kate Spade. It comes in two stylish colors; Plaid Red and Stop Light, and is suited well for every-day use.

KATE SPADE: Laurel Way Reese Handbag-Plaid Red + 3% Cash Back
Shop Now

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat


High-quality yoga mats are excellent gifts for anyone that does any sort of home exercise. The Manduka Pro is one of the best on the market. There are cheaper mats out there, but the Manduka is noted for quality that you can actually feel. Plus, this quality also helps drastically increase the mat's lifespan - making it a smart investment. 

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat + 5% Cash Back

Sommelier Signature Apron


A good apron makes for a good gift for 2 particular reasons. They're great for chefs, bakers, and anyone in between, and they're an item most people don't generally splurge on. This one is particularly nice. It's heavy-duty making it ideal for extensive use, easy to clean, and its unisex style is perfect for anyone.

Sur la table: Sommelier Signature Apron + 3% Cash Back
Shop Now

Godiva Chocolate Holiday Gift Box 19-pc.


Chocolate is always a safe bet for a holiday gift, and this Godiva gift box is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. You get 19 pieces of excellent Godiva chocolates wrapped in a nice holiday box.

Godiva Chocolate Holiday Gift Box-19pc + 8% Cash Back
Shop Now

Origins Must-Haves Gift Set


This gift set is jam-packed with Origin's best sellers in skincare. It comes with 7 different products all intended to create smoother, more radiant skin.

Must-Haves Skincare Gift Set + 12% Cash Back

L.L. Bean Fleece for Men & Women


One of L.L. Beans best sellers in regards to fleece for both men and women. These jackets are for whenever it's a bit nippy, or can be used as an underlayer during extremely cold days. Because it's fleece, it's incredibly soft to the touch - making it a great comfy gift for the holidays.

Fleece Sweater Jacket-Full Zip + 4.1% Cash Back

Lego Architecture City Sets


You don't have to be a kid to enjoy these Architecture sets by Lego. These are little sets packed with detail of cities such as Tokyo, San Francisco, New York, Paris, and more. They're fun to build and look good in an office or on a shelf.

Lego Architecture City Sets-Paris + Up to 3% Cash Back
Shop Now

Beats Studio3 wireless noise cancelling headphone

Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

$174.99 - SAVE OVER 50%

Beats make some great gifts for anyone seeking out an upgrade. They sound good and are incredibly stylish. Plus, they're on sale now for 50% off making them one of the better deals out there for this season.

Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones + Coupons Only
Shop Now

JBL Portable Speaker


A blue-tooth speaker that is also portable and water-proof, meaning you can take it to the beach, out on the patio, or anywhere else. The battery lasts for 12 hours giving you plenty of time to listen to tunes, books on tape, podcasts, or whatever else wherever you are.

JBL Water-Proof Bluetooth Portable Speaker + 3% Cash Back
Shop Now

Skagen Men's Stainless Steel Mesh Watch


Watches make great gifts for any occasion and the holiday season is no different. This particular men's watch has a simple and elegant design that's suited for both everyday use or nicer events. It has a 41mm head which is the ideal size for most men (35mm is on the small size and 45mm+ is considered large).

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