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Discover New Ways to Save at MAC Cosmetics

Deals, coupons, discounts, and more
Evan M. 07/22/20(PST)

MAC has been a making its own line of quality beauty products since 1984, and ever since it has been offering people an insane amount of variety with colors, materials, and consistencies.

If you want to save some money on your entire beauty regime, then there are quite a few ways to save at MAC. There are the typical coupons and promo codes, but there are also a few secrets ways that can help you get some great deals.

Unique Ways to Save

MAC gives customers a few unique ways to save every time they shop. From freebies to little hidden discounts, these are the ways you can help stretch your dollar just a bit further.

Back to MAC Program

The Back to MAC Program is a way to reward consumers for being more environmentally conscious. If you return 6 empty cosmetic containers to MAC either in-store or online, then you’ll get a free lipgloss, eye shadow, or lipstick in return.

This is a little recycling program that helps out both you, and the planet.

Take Advantage of Refill Pans

For things like blush and eyeshadow, you can buy refill pans at MAC instead of buying a whole new container every time you run out.

While the cost varies depending on the product, you’re can certainly expect to save a decent chunk of change by buying the refills. Generally, you can save around 20%, but that number can certainly be larger.

MAC Goodbyes

MAC Goodbyes is an online-only category where you can find discontinued and off-season/limited-edition products for insane discounts – sometimes up to 75% off.

There’s not a large variety on display, so don’t always expect to find what you’re looking for. If you simply check it every now and then, you're certain to find that perfect something - and all for so much less.

Free Samples

MAC has often given out up to 3 free samples when you make a purchase. Exactly what you get and how many you get can change. Generally, it's dependent on the season, and your purchase amount. 

There is a dedicated MAC free sample webpage where you can view the latest samples given out to online customers.

If you head into a MAC store, you’re selection will be much wider.

Complimentary Makeover

MAC offers a complimentary makeover to anyone that spends at least $50 in cosmetics at an in-store location.

People who want to try out a new look or get some advice immediately after making a purchase will be able to make the most out of this.

Loyalty Programs & Memberships

MAC has a loyalty program available to everyone called MAC Lover, and it also has a unique membership program for makeup professionals called MAC Pro Membership.

Both give you access to some amazing offers, but for those who are in the industry, the pro membership has some perks that are hard to beat.

MAC Lover

MAC Lover is a 3-tiered loyalty program. The levels are lover, devoted, and obsessed. The first tier is free to join. Afterward, you’re going to have to spend $150 to get into the devoted tier, and $500 to get into the obsessed tier.

Each level gets the rewards of the one under it and every tier resets after each year (from your date of sign up).

Even if you have no interest in the program, for just signing up, you'll get 15% off your next order, which is pretty sweet.

MAC cosmetics loyalty program comparison chart

MAC Pro Membership

The MAC Pro Membership is exclusively for makeup professionals. It’s not only meant to be a place for professionals to grab great deals on the products they use, but it’s also meant to a networking and profession-building resource.

To get in, you must apply and pay a yearly fee. To qualify, you have to provide documentation showing that you are indeed a professional. A complete list of criteria can be found here.

Certain students in makeup or performing arts programs can also apply and for a discounted rate. The rates are:

• 1 Year: $35

• 2 Years: $65

• 1 Year Student: $10

Even though there is a yearly fee, there are some amazing offers to be had once you’re in. Perks include:

• Up to 40% off MAC products

• Discounts on trade publications

• Early access to collections

• Discounts on makeup classes

• Exclusive savings offers

• Pro artist support

Sales & Coupons

Unlike many other cosmetic brands, MAC does not offer any special sales events throughout the year. This includes things like semi-annual sales, spring sales, or holiday sales.

However, MAC will have special promotions and offers throughout the year (especially around the holidays). The best way to be notified for these promotions is to sign up for their email list.

Coupons & Cash Back

While you can’t expect much in the form of sales, there’s always a coupon and cash back opportunity to be had at MAC. These can change daily, so if you want to save some money, be sure to do some hunting right before you make a purchase.

To make this easier, you can simply check out the latest coupons, promo codes, deals, and cash back rates available right now at MAC.

Special Discounts

MAC offers a student and employee discounts that can net you some great savings every time you shop. However, there are some limitations to each.

Student Discount

If you’re in college, you should take full advantage of MAC cosmetics 10% student discount. Student status has to be verified first through UniDays (usually by just a student email), but once it is, the discount can be applied on any order.

If you’re a student of performing arts or in school to become a makeup artist, you can actually get a 20% student discount. Only certain schools and programs qualify, and you must be a member of the MAC Pro Membership program (more on that below).

Employee Discount

MAC has a very generous employee discount, giving workers 60% off makeup and other cosmetics. For newly released items, employees will have to wait 2 weeks before they can apply their savings.

Employees also get unique access to some offers throughout the year as well.

If there is one limitation to these offerings, its that there are no guest passes available for friends or family members of employees.

MAC Cosmetics Military Discount

MAC does not offer a unique discount to members of the military. While disappointing, we’d like to note that pretty much all cosmetics brands have a similar policy – meaning this isn’t uncommon.

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