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Home > Blog > Guides > Mother's Day Gifts for Cooking Fanatics

Mother's Day Gifts for Cooking Fanatics

For chefs of all kinds
RebatesMe 04/28/20(PST)

These gifts are aimed at those who can't keep out of the kitchen. Who enjoy the process of making great food as much as eating it.

KITCHENAID: Stand Mixer 4.5qt

KitchenAid 4.5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer + 2% Cash Back
Shop Now

The holy grail of kitchen appliances. Stand mixers are the ultimate piece of hardware for any cook. These have a million and one uses and can be used for such a large variety of dishes thanks to their changeable heads and plethora of attachments. These aren’t especially cheap, but they will be cherished for years to come and are a worthwhile investment for any cooking fanatic.

Key Features

• 10 Speeds

• Detachable attachments

• Tilt head design for easy access

WUSTHOF: Chef’s Knife

Shop Now

Probably the most used and important tool for any cook. A good chef’s knife cuts brilliantly, is well balanced, and takes the work out of slicing, dicing, cutting, and more. Most people buy a bulk knife set, which is great and adds versatility, but if there is one knife that should be better than the rest – it’s the chef knife. This one in particular also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Key Features

• 6” or 8” blade

• Precision Edge Blade Tech (adds sharpness)

• High-carbon stainless steel

SUR LA TABLE: Marble Rolling Pin

Shop Now

If your special someone is a baker, then a high quality rolling pin can come in handy. Marble is heavier than other materials (which can come in handy) but there’re some added benefits for baking. Marble is more nonstick than other materials meaning you won’t have to flour it. It can also be chilled. This might not sound weird, but dough is really temperature finicky – especially pastries and butter rich doughs.

Key Features

• 10” rolling pin

• Comes with a cradle for storage

• Wooden handles

LE CREUSET: Pepper Mill

Le Creuset Pepper Mill + 15% Cash Back
Shop Now

Is ground pepper really better? Yes actually. Here’s the deal, once you grind peppercorns they become oxidized. This oxidation weakens the flavor and intensity of the pepper. It’s like drinking a soda you opened a few days ago. It lacks that umph and boldness that was there day one. that it had the day before. This is actually true of most spices, which is why a lot of chefs prefer to use fresh rather than pre-chopped spices.

Key Features

• 8” tall

• Multiple grinding settings

• 10 year warranty

RUSSIAN RIVER: 2017 Pinot Noir

Flowers Russian River Pinot Noir 2017 + 5.1% Cash Back
Shop Now

No one should cook without having some kind of drink nearby, and wine is a crowd pleaser. For those that like red wine, you can’t really go wrong with a Pinot Noir. This bottle is a bit spendier than others out there, but it has been given high marks from consumers and wine advocates alike. But if you’re looking for other wines, the site has plenty of other offerings too.

Key Features

• Aromas of red cherry & cassis

• Bright acidity and fine tannis

• Full bodied

BK: Carbon Steel Black Skillet

BK: Carbon Steel Black Skillet + 3% Cash Back
Shop Now

The favorite pan of professional chefs is a carbon steel skillet. Why? They are far more heat responsive (they heat up and cool down quickly), they are stain resistant, you can put them in the oven, they have natural non-chemical based non-stick properties, they are highly durable, and safe to use with metal utensils (unlike Teflon).

Simply put, their versatility and durability is hard to beat with other pans.

Key Features

• Toxin free

• Pre-seasoned

• Safe for use with metal utensils

SARO LIFESTYLE: Striped Design Apron

SARO LIFESTYLE: Striped Design Apron + 15% Cash Back
Shop Now

Aprons are must have’s in the kitchen. Cooking is messy. If you value the clothes you are wearing, then you should wear an apron. They also make carrying tools a bit easier and (not recommended) but they can act as an oven mitt in a pinch. Simply put, a nice apron will be put to good work often.

Key Features

• Made for most adults

• Large front pocket

• Machine washable

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for that chef in your life, then we’d recommend checking out these retailers. They have hundreds of cooking items for you to explore.

All of these selections also have great cash back opportunities for you to nab too.

You can also check out our other Mother’s Day Shopping Guides for more inspiration.

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