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Home > Blog > Guides > The Best Outdoor Holiday Shopping Guide - 2020

The Best Outdoor Holiday Shopping Guide - 2020

Gifts to Meet the Elements
RebatesMe 12/10/20(PDT)

There are plenty of gifts available for outdoor enthusiasts. From clothing to backpacks and water bottles, you have a lot of gifting options at your disposal. We run through some of the best for the 2020 holiday season.

Top Outdoor Gifts for 2020

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L.L. Bean Comfort Camp Chair


An easy compact camping chair that is perfect for hangout out by a campfire, taking to the beach, or simply enjoying the outdoors anywhere. This one is also at a great price point too - making it an excellent gift for the season.

Easy Comfort Foldable Camping Chair + 5.1% Cash Back

Patagonia Down Sweater - Women's


A Patagonia down jacket is a gift aimed to please. Down is a versatile insulator that's incredibly lightweight while remaining warm on chilly days. It is available for men as well.

Patagonia Women's Down Outdoor Jacket + 10% Cash Back
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Patagonia Fleece


Patagonia also has a large variety of fleece jackets that are favorites among outdoor enthusiasts. They are soft, warm, and can be used as a base layer on colder/wetter days. There are plenty of models for women too for the same price - but this men's model is on sale right now.

Patagonia Men's Fleece Jacket + Coupons Only
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Yeti 8 Flip Cooler


Yeti makes some of the best coolers in the business. They're lightweight but incredibly durable. This one is a great mid-sized cooler that's perfect for day trips outside. Because of it's quality, this gift will most likely last for many many years to come.

YETI Hopper Flip 8 Soft-Side Cooler + Up to 3% Cash Back
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Outdoor Products Waist Pack


A hip pack is a great alternative to carrying a full backpack for outdoor adventures. This one has a nice water bottle pouch and a belt that can easily be adjusted. While it's called a waist pack, you can easily use it as a shoulder bag as well. And at an incredible price point, this makes an excellent gift.

Outdoor Waist & Shoulder Pack + 6% Cash Back
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Hydro Flask - 32oz


Hydro Flasks are great outdoor bottles that are perfect for holding both hot and cold beverages. They come in a lot of colors making them as fun as they are useful.

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