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Home > Blog > Guides > Top 10 Sephora Holiday Gift Sets of 2020

Top 10 Sephora Holiday Gift Sets of 2020

Holiday Gifts for Every Sephora Fan
Maggie E. 10/05/20(PST)

Thankfully, Sephora has dropped their highly coveted holiday gift sets for women even early this year! Cue: swooning. Gift sets let you (or whomever you’re buying for) try a variety of different products in smaller sizes and at a fraction of the cost. Anyone on your list would be thrilled to receive one of the new Sephora holiday gift sets.

This year, the popular beauty retailer has you covered with a variety of Christmas gift sets that will help you check off every person on your nice list.

They offer bundles for skincare addicts, makeup kits for beauty mavens, value minis for fragrance fans, and everyone who wants a smattering of everything. And don’t be shy; grab something for yourself, too! At these prices, it’s hard not to indulge. Here’s a roundup of the top 10 must-have Sephora gift sets for 2020.

Laneige dream and wonder skincare gift set

Dream and Wonder Gift Set


The Dream and Wonder Gift Set from Laniege features their famous lip mask in both a full size and two adorable, giftable minis. Treat your lips to some moisture as the weather gets drier.

The luxe texture leaves lips soft to the touch and fights gross winter flakies, making it perfect for the dry-skinned friend on your list who’s always asking to borrow your lip balm.

Price: $29

Products: 3X lip hydration products

Key Feature: Long-lasting lip hydration

Dream & Wonder Gift Set from Laniege + 8% Cash Back

Sol de Janeiro Wild Extravaganza moisturizing box set

Wild Extravaganza Set

Sol de Janeiro

If you’ve ever wanted to try a product from Sol de Janeiro, this set is the perfect place to start.

This moisturizing box comes with everything you need to hydrate hair, skin, and lips, and all in the signature blend of Coconut and Acai oils and Cupuaçu Butter.

Price: $62

Products: 4 premium Sol de Janeiro moisturizing products

Key Feature: Smooths and softens the skin

Wild Extravaganza Moisturizer Set by Sol de Janeiro + 8% Cash Back

Sephora wild wishes holiday advant calendar

Wild Wishes Advent Calendar

Sephora Collection

Countdown the days to Christmas with a new, beautified take on an advent calendar. This ingenious Sephora makeup kit comes with 24 beauty minis: one for every day in December until the big day.

The set features favorites from the Sephora Collection for hair, nails, skin, and includes some makeup minis for eyes, lips, and face.

Price: $45

Products: 24 bestselling Sephora items

Key Feature: $70 value for $45

Wild Wishes Advent Calendar + 8% Cash Back

Drunk Elephant Glowy the Night skincare gift set

Glowy the Night Kit

Drunk Elephant

This set is the perfect way to try some of the offerings from the skincare experts at Drunk Elephant.

The six-piece kit is targeted at reviving dull skin has everything you need for a full skincare regimen, plus a cute compact mirror in Millennial pink.

Price: $98

Products: Premium skincare repair kit

Key Feature: For all skin types

Glowy the Night Skincare Kit + 8% Cash Back

Sephora Holy Sheet holiday gift set

Holy Sheet Set - SOLD OUT

Sephora Collection

For the sheet mask fanatic on your list, we present Sephora Collection’s Holy Sheet Set. This skincare set brings huge value with 20 skincare products, including 15 masks for face, hands, eyes, and even feet.

It’s perfect for spreading the love: pop a few masks in each of your girlfriends’ stockings for easy gifting.

Price: $48

Products: 20 bestselling skincare products

Key Feature: For all skin types

Holy Sheet Set + 8% Cash Back

Sephora Enchanted Jungle skincare mask box set

Enchanted Jungle Set - SOLD OUT

Sephora Collection

Looking for a smaller sheet mask set? The Enchanted Jungle Set has eight limited-edition skincare masks for face, hair, hands, and feet, so you’ll be silky smooth all over and all winter long.

Price: $25

Products: 8 masks to pamper your entire body

Key Feature: Eye, Face, Nose, Hair, Foot, & Hand masks

Enchanted Jungle Set + 8% Cash Back

Sephora Wild Wishes Soap gift set

Wild Wishes Soap Set

Sephora Collection

The Wild Wishes Soap set contains four limited-edition bar soaps in fruity, fresh, and clean fragrances.

These soaps are gentle on hands or as an all-over body soap. Honestly, this Sephora holiday set is a perfect gift for yourself. Pop one in each bathroom and on the kitchen sink to get in the festive spirit.

Price: $14

Products: 4-piece hand & body soap

Key Feature: Lagoon, Monoi, Cotton Flower, Mango scents

Wild Wishes Soap Set + 8% Cash Back

Olaplex Holiday Hair Fix set

Holiday Hair Fix Set


This four-piece haircare bundle from Olaplex has everything you need for a luxurious, repairing hair care routine.

Grow longer, stronger tresses with the included shampoo and conditioner, as well as the signature Hair Perfector and the Bond Smoother. Great for all hair textures and types.

Price: $60

Products: Complete hair-repair system

Key Feature: For all types of hair

Holiday Hair Fix Set by Olaplex + 8% Cash Back

Under the Mistletoe Lipstick Set by Sephora

Under the Mistletoe #LipStories Lipstick Set

Sephora Collection

Get holiday party ready with six new shades of Sephora’s home brand favorite #LipStories Lipstick.

With a variety of nudes, reds, and pinks in both cream and metallic finishes, you’ll have folks lining up for a chance to meet you under the mistletoe.

Price: $29

Products: 6X Sephora "holiday shade" lipsticks

Key Feature: Creamy & metallic finishes

Under the Mistletoe Lipstick Set + 8% Cash Back

Wild Wishes Nail Polish box set by Sephora

Wild Wishes Nail Polish Set

Sephora Collection

For the friend who hoards nail polishes, gift her a Wild Wishes Nail Polish Set, which features five lacquers and a clear topcoat from Sephora’s Color Hit Mini Nail Polish line.

This holiday gift set includes a range of neutrals, deeps, and a pop of gold sparkle to keep hands looking polished (pun intended.)

Price: $15

Products: 6X Sephora bestselling nail polish

Key Feature: Enduring colors with long-lasting shine

Wild Wishes Nail Polish Set + 8% Cash Back

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