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Keep cool, even when you sleep

Beat the summer heat
Kimberly 07/01/22(PST)

Summer is here in full swing. While warm temperatures during the day can be fun, hot temps at night can make for a difficult night's sleep. The ideal room temperature for sleeping is between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit, and your body needs a cool temp to fall into a deep sleep. 

Keeping cool while you sleep is all part of good sleep hygiene. We've got some tips and product recommendations below to help you sleep cool in the summer.


Freeze a water bottle
Put a water bottle or two in the freezer next to your eye mask. It doubles as both a cold compress and hydration during the night.  


Cool off with an eye mask  
Keeping your face and forehead cool can help lower your body temperature. Using a freezable eye mask as a cold compress when you're trying to fall asleep can help you stay cool. You can also use ice packs to cool off your pulse points, like your wrists, ankles, the backs of your knees, and the crooks of your elbows.  



Get strategic with fans
Use box fans in the windows to force hot air out. Also, set up a tower fan in front of your bed, to direct a cool stream of air toward you as you sleep.  

Use a cooling mattress topper 
If you wake up hot every night, consider upgrading to a cooling mattress topper. The coolflow foam mattress topper from Allswell promotes air flow and wicks away moisture. It's infused with copper gel, which features antimicrobial and cooling properties. 

Choose cool sheets  
Choose sheets that are breathable and airy, with moisture-wicking qualities that keep you cool in the summer months. The Cool Luxury Sheet Set by Tempur-Pedic is made with a blend of Tencel® Lyocell and Refibra™ technology, which will keep you cool while you sleep.

Switch out your pillow
You want your mattress and sheets to have cooling properties, so the same should extend to pillows. Look for pillows that are temperature regulating and have a fabric that feels cool to the touch. 


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