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Home > Blog > Guides > 5 spring workout gear essentials

5 spring workout gear essentials

Break a sweat in these workout clothes
Kimberly 04/13/22(PST)

Whether you want to join a yoga class, hit the gym or run some trails, having the right workout gear is essential for a good workout. 

We've compiled our favorite spring exercise clothing to inspire you to get moving. These essentials will have you looking and feeling as fresh as the spring flowers.

DKNY Sport - Hug & Lift Sculpting 7/8-Leggings
Cut for a supportive fit and embracive lift, these high-rise tights from DKNY Sport effortlessly go from morning jogs to coffee runs and beyond.

Sports bra 
Nike - FE/NOM Flyknit Women's High-Support Non-Padded Sports Bra
The Nike FE/NOM Flyknit Sports Bra provides stretch and support in all the right places for a compressive, secure feel and minimal bounce while you move. Molded cups and a nearly seamless design make it all about support and comfort to empower your performance.

Short sleeve shirt 
Nike- Nike Short Sleeve Top
Heavy overlock stitching accentuates the distorted details on this soft and stretchy rib-knit fabric. Soft and stretchy, this comfortable fabric has a carefree feel that helps you move with ease.

Cover up shirt 
Reebok- Women's Reebok MYT Printed Long-Sleeve Cover-up Training Shirt
A cute athletic-inspired top that will keep you comfy before, during and after your workouts, the Women's Reebok MYT Printed Long-Sleeve Cover-up Training Shirt is a great pick for those on-the-go.

Puma - Tazon 7 Running Sneakers
This shoe is engineered to give you the lightweight performance and support you demand. There's a TPU shank for added support and an EVA heel piece for long-lasting comfort. Get out there and make your next run count.

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