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Every Hidden (and not so hidden) Way to Save at Lululemon

Real Ways to Save at Lululemon
Evan M. 07/28/20(PST)

If you love lululemon, but also love a great deal, then never fear! There are plenty of ways to save on athletic wear, you just have to know where to look.

Unique Ways to Save

If you look in the right places, you’ll find that Lululemon has quite a few different ways to save – some are just not as well advertised as others. While there’s not one sure-fire way to ensure you get the maximum amount of savings, all of these unique methods are easy to look at and compare.

We Made Too Much (WMTM)

Lululemon’s sale section is known as “We Made Too Much”. It’s a section of its online store where you can find overstocked athletic wear for discounted prices. Each section on Lululemon’s website has it’s own WMTM section that’s pretty well stocked, making it easy to find something you’ll love.

Price Matching

Lululemon price matches with its own stores. That means if you find something cheaper online at lululemon.com, you can get that lower price in-store (this also works the other way around).

Lululemon will also price match after you purchase an item – which is oh so nice. That means that if you buy something and later discover the same item for cheaper, you can get the difference refunded.

Be aware that there is a limited window of opportunity for this – so the sooner you discover a price difference the better.

Lululemon App

The Lululemon app is not so much a savings method, as it is a tool you can use to help you save. Primarily you can use the app to compare prices at different stores. If you find an item on sale at one store but not the one you’re shopping at, then you can get a price match.

The app also lets you ship sold out items from one store to another free of charge. So if those pants that you really wanted went on sale at your local store but sold out in a flash, you can ship a pair from another store to you for the same sale price.

Free Hemming and Repairs

Lululemon will hem (and sometimes repair) your items for free. This is a great way to get the most value from whatever you purchase since the perfect fit is so important for both style and function.

Outlet Stores

Lululemon has a few outlet stores spread across the US and Canada. Here, you’ll find lower prices on practically everything. The amount you can save varies but usually sits around 20%.

You can use its find a store page to discover one near you.

Sales & Coupons

Pop-up Sales

Lululemon is a franchise, and so each store will have sales that pop up at different times throughout the year. Taking advantage of one of these sales is an excellent way to save quite a few dollars.

A really smart thing to do is use the Lululemon app to search for sales at other stores. If you find an item you want for cheaper elsewhere, you can always price match at your local store.

Black Friday

One of the only sales you can count on year after year from Lululemon is the Black Friday sale. It’s more of an overall sale than a extreme discount sale. What we mean by that is during Black Friday you can count on almost everything in the store to be on sale, whether or not that’s the best sale price of the year varies.

Coupons & Cash Back

Lululemon gives out coupons and promo codes throughout the year – mostly to third party sites. Before you shop (especially online) you should always search for a relevant coupons or discount code.

Lululemon also offers cash back opportunities for members of sites such as RebatesMe. If you want to nab some cash back and also see the latest coupons, deals, and promo codes offered – then check out the RebatesMe lululemon merchant page.

Special Discounts

Lululemon offers 3 unique discounts. One for employees, one for team members (more on this below), and one for first responders and military members. Each has a different set of eligibility requirements you need to meet before being allowed to take advantage of the discount.

Team Discount

If you’re a part of a team or fitness group, then you can get a 25% discount at lululemon for bulk orders. There’s a minimum order of at least 12, and each of the 12 (or more) items you order must be the same color and style – but this is an excellent way to save quite a bit of money for larger purchases.

Just know that it can take 10 days or more for a large order to be fulfilled, so be sure to plan ahead.

Student Discount

Lululemon does not currently offer a discount to students. If you’re in college and you’d like to save on some athletic wear, you should take advantage of the sales events and coupon opportunities the most.

Employee Discount

The employee discount at lululemon is available for both part-time and full-time members. Full time employees get 60% off while part-time can enjoy a 40% discount. This discount is only available to employees – friends and family members won’t be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

First Responder and Military Discount

If you’re a first responder or a member of the military (both US and Canada) then you can get 25% off your orders both in-store and online. You just need to show your military i.d. (or your first responder i.d.) and you’re good to go.

Loyalty Programs & Memberships

Lululemon has 2 exclusive memberships that offer rewards much like a loyalty program would. The first is known as Sweat Collective and is exclusively for athletes or people who work in an athletic field or environment (coaches, yoga studio owners, personal trainers, etc). The second is an exclusive membership program known only as the Lululemon membership.

Sweat Collective

Sweat Collective is an exclusive membership for athletic lululemon patron where members get 25% off store items. Joining is free, but you must fall into one of the following categories to be eligible.

• Group fitness/studio instructors

• Personal trainers

• Run club leaders

• Fitness studio owners

• Fitness studio managers

• Athletes (college, professional, and elite amateur)

• Coaches, team trainers, and team staff

Lululemon Membership

Lululemon has been experimenting with an exclusive membership program in some select cities such as Chicago. Members get exclusive access to a variety of perks, but have to pay a yearly fee of $148.

Some of the benefits Chicago members received for the 2019-2020 year were:

• Limited edition gear

• One free sweat class for each month of the year

• 20% off in-store during your birthday month

• A year’s worth of personal development content

• First choice on select new products

• Members-only experiences

.Anyone can become a member, but there are limited spaces available as well as a limited time frame for joining. In 2019, the window for applying in Chicago was between August 28 and September 30th.

This membership is still being experimented with, and so the terms and perks are bound to change. Also, at this time it’s unclear if Lululemon plans on expanding this membership to other major cities.

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