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During our 8th Anniversary, we will have a gift box drawing at 9:00/17:00(PDT) per day

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Cookies help us keep track of your purchases and ensure that you get all of the cash back you've earned.
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Regarding RebatesMe termination messages
RebatesMe 04/12/21(PST)

To Our Members,

Recently, part of our user contact list was compromised through our email/SMS service provider. As a result, some of our members received fraudulent messages claiming “TERMINATION OF SERVICE!” and encouraging our users to close out their accounts.

These claims are FALSE. RebatesMe is not terminating services at any time. Our mission to provide users with the highest cash back possible has not been deterred or slowed in any way.

While it is possible that your email or phone number linked to your RebatesMe account may have been compromised, please note that no credit card or payment information has been stolen. RebatesMe DOES NOT save any payment information from our users.

If you received any of these fraudulent messages, or if you have any concerns or questions, please contact us with details about your case by sending an email to:


Our tech team is working diligently to secure all accounts affected and to stop the stream of fraudulent messages as soon as possible. During this time, we ask our users to stay alert to suspicious messages. Please keep any personal account information private and be sure to notify us if you receive anything suspicious.

We will continue to provide updates on this matter. Thank you.


The RebatesMe Technical Service Team

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