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Home > Blog > Black Friday > Throw the perfect backyard BBQ with these tips!

Throw the perfect backyard BBQ with these tips!

Summer is just around the corner
Kimberly 05/04/22(PST)

Memorial Day is just around the corner, but throwing a BBQ doesn't need to be stressful! We've got tips on how to prepare, decorate, and celebrate. 

Prep your grill 

Make sure that your gill is clean and ready for action. Don't forget to stock up on charcoal or propane and have your tools nearby. 

Get your set up down! 

Serving food buffet style makes things simple and easy. Organize one area for plates, drinks, and dishing up food, and another spot for sitting down and eating. Pre-roll your napkins and silverware to make it even easier.

Organize your toppings 

Make it easy for your guests to decide on their burger and hot dog toppings. Put the ketchup, mustard, mayo and all other fun toppings in one spot. And don't forget the cheese!

Don't skip the side dishes 

Preparation is a breeze with some easy to make ahead sides. Deviled eggs, potato salad, fresh relish, and a seasonal salad are all great options. 

Bring out the games 

Keep your guests entertained with some outdoor games. Choose a wide range of games including ladder golf, corn hole and frisbee.

Create a survival kit 

Make sure that your guests are comfortable by stocking suntan lotion, insect spray, hand sanitizer and even some fans.  

Clean as you go  

Make sure your space and yard is organized. Set out bins for recycling, garbage, and compost. 

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