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Home > Blog > Black Friday > The Best At-Home Pet Grooming Products of 2020

The Best At-Home Pet Grooming Products of 2020

For both dogs and cats
Emma R. 10/16/20(PDT)

As a pet owner, proper grooming at home can be an intimidating task. Having the proper tools to groom your cat or dog will have you well on your way to keeping them stylish year-round.

Equip yourself for your pet’s at-home salon experience with pet brushes, combs, and grooming dryers. Some products like pet nail clippers even come in kits to make sure you always have exactly what you need.

Grooming your pet is about to become a lot easier — here are some of the best products to pamper your furry friend like a pro.

8 inch curved pet grooming shears

Andis Premium Curved Shear, 8”


The curve of these shears makes them ideal for trimming around your pet’s ears and putting finishing touches on their chest grooming. The comfy handles are an added bonus.

Price: $108.15

Key Benefit: offset handles and both right and left-handed versions

Attachments: finger handle inserts for the most comfortable grip

Suited for: dog breeds of all sizes

ANDIS: Premium Curved 8" Shear + 12% Cash Back
Shop Now

Andis 2-speed pet grooming kit

2 Speed Dog & Cat Grooming Kit


The quiet motor on the clipper won’t disturb your pet while the blade lock keeps the blade safe and secure. Multiple comb attachments give you options for the perfect cut.

Price: $140.62

Key Benefit: quiet motor and blade lock

Attachments: 4 combs of different lengths

Suited for: curly, double-coated, and long hair dog breeds

2 Speed ​​Dog & Cat Grooming Kit + 12% Cash Back
Shop Now

Andis pink 5-speed detachable blade pet clipper

5-Speed Detachable Blade Pet Clipper


Multiple speed options enhance your control to give your pet the best trim no matter the length of their hair. The CeramicEdge blade stays cooler than traditional steel blades to keep your pet comfortable.

Price: $234.95

Key Benefit: ceramic blade stays cool

Suited for: pet hair of all lengths

ANDIS: ProClip Excel 5-Speed ​​Detachable Blade Pet Clipper + 12% Cash Back
Shop Now

Babyliss professional metal pet trimmer

Professional Metal Pet Trimmer

Babyliss Pro Pet

This no-hassle pet trimmer frees you from clutter while grooming your pet. It’s rechargeable and has an all-metal ergonomic barbell grip so nothing gets in the way of your grooming.

Price: $179.99

Key Benefit: cordless and rechargeable

Attachments: 2 different combs

Suited for: all pets large and small

Babyliss Pro Pet Professional Metal Pet Trimmer + 12% Cash Back
Shop Now

Pet grooming stand for both cats and dogs

Dog & Cat Grooming Table with Arm

Flying Pig Grooming

Take your grooming setup to the next level with a sturdy and non-slip grooming table. The table comes in three different sizes, each with a foldable arm and adjustable loop to keep your pet safe and secure during their pampering.

Price: $139

Key Benefit: adjustable arm with loop

Suited for: dogs and cats of all sizes

Dog & Cat Grooming Table with Arm + 12% Cash Back
Shop Now

Flying Pig Grooming dog and cat dryer

High-Velocity Dog & Cat Grooming Dryer

Flying Pig Grooming

Tired of your pet waiting all day for their coat to dry? This high-velocity dryer cuts your pet’s drying time by up to 60%! Airspeed options and multiple heat settings let you customize to get your furry friend dry quickly and comfortably.

Price: $172

Key Benefit: multiple airspeeds and heat settings

Attachments: interchangeable nozzle heads

Suited for: all hair thicknesses, including double-coated dog breeds

High Velocity Dog & Cat Grooming Dryer + 12% Cash Back
Shop Now

Oster 3-speed pet clipper

Slim 3-speed Pet Clipper


Trimming your pet should also be a comfortable experience for you. The ergonomic shape of these clippers minimizes discomfort in your hands. Vibration isolators absorb extra vibrations and noise to make sure your pet stays calm and stylish.

Price: $160.98

Key Benefit: vibration isolators absorb vibrations and noise

Suited for: all pet hair, even areas that are matted

Slim 3-speed Pet Clipper + 12% Cash Back
Shop Now

Oster power max 2-speed pet clipper

Power Max 2-speed Pet Clipper


The hard to trim areas on your pooch deserve extra love. A rubberized grip, two powerful speeds, and a detachable blade give you the control you need. The CryogenX blade is antibacterial-coated for an extra layer of safety.

Price: $149.99

Key Benefit: two high-powered speeds

Suited for: dogs of all sizes and coats

Power Max 2-speed Pet Clipper + 12% Cash Back
Shop Now

Wahl cordless pet clipper kit

Cordless Pet Clipper Kit


Minimize your grooming setup with a clipper kit that features maximum options. The 5-in-1 blade gives you options for finish work on dogs, show cuts for cattle, and everything in between. The cordless clipper and 2 rechargeable batteries ensure that you always have what you need.

Price: $124.75

Key Benefit: 5-in-1 blade

Attachments: 4 guide combs

Suited for: dogs and cats of all sizes

Cordless Pet Clipper Kit + 12% Cash Back
Shop Now

Wahl 2-speed professional dog and cat clipper

Brushless 2-Speed Professional Dog & Cat Clipper


Worried about wrist problems from clippers? These speed-controlled professional clippers are designed with low vibration and high balance to keep your hands healthy and your cuts clean. Plus you never have to worry about battery life again with a motor that lasts up to 10,000 hours.

Price: $225.98

Key Benefit: speed control for maximum power

Suited for: mats and thick coats

Brushless 2-Speed ​​Professional Dog & Cat Clipper + 12% Cash Back
Shop Now

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