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Shop Black Friday? Earn Cash Back

The deals are even better
Evan M. 11/11/20(PST)

Black Friday is here! But it certainly will be different from years past. The biggest change is that most of the sales are happening online – which is great news for you!

What’s even better, is because of this online shift, you can take advantage of not only the hottest black Friday deals of 2020, but you can also be earning cash back on every single one of your orders!

So now’s definitely the time to get the best deals online. Here are all the different ways you can earn cash back from RebatesMe.

Cash Back Black Friday Events

Our black Friday events are the best places to earn the most cash back. With exceptionally high rates, coupons, and other promo offers, there’s plenty of ways to get the absolute most out of your Black Friday shopping.

We will be hosting 2 black Friday events. Both will be packed full of unique savings opportunities

• Nov. 16-21: Black Friday Preview

• Nov. 27-29: Black Friday

Double Cash Back

RebatesMe members enjoy daily double cash back offers, and during Black Friday is no different. Check out our Daily Double Cash Back page to see some of the best rates today!

Top Black Friday Retailers Offering Cash Back

Outside of the main Black Friday events, you can still pick up amazing cash back offers from the top Black Friday retailers.

Many Black Friday deals are only available for a limited time – so be sure to align your cash back with your preferred deal to get the most out of this year’s sales.

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