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Home > Blog > Black Friday > Must Have Makeup & Cosmetics During Black Friday 2020

Must Have Makeup & Cosmetics During Black Friday 2020

Save on Makeup & Cosmetics
Evan M. 11/13/20(PST)

Black Friday is almost here! And for cosmetics fanatics out there, now is absolutely the best time to stock up, get gifts, or try something completely new!

While officially Black Friday doesn’t begin until November 27th, you can grab a number of Black Friday deals online right now for both makeup and skincare. Plus, a number of holiday gift sets are also on sale at this time.

If you’re a RebatesMe member, then you can capitalize on these sales by earning cash back on your orders. If you’re not, you can join now for free and start getting rewarded every time you shop.

Black Friday Cosmetics Deals for 2020

We’ll keep this list updated as more sales are announced.

Black Friday Take 30% OFF for All Customers + 6% Cash Back

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray Duo ($64 value) $42 + 8% Cash Back

40% OFF HUDA BEAUTY #FauxFilter Full Coverage Matte Foundation + 8% Cash Back

Urban Decay Vice Lip Chemistry Lip Stain $22 + 8% Cash Back

Miu Miu L'eau Rosee Gift Set $87($100 value) + 8% Cash Back

Clinique Cleansing Towelettes for Face & Eyes,Regular Price $16 + 14% Cash Back

Say Goodbye to Dry Winter Skin with Our Jumbo-size Moisture Surge™ 72-hour Hydrator. Get the 200ml Size at the 125ml Price, Only $78 + 14% Cash Back

Clinique iD™ $39 + 14% Cash Back

Singles'Day Buy More, Save More: Take 15% OFF $40, 20% OFF $60 and 25% OFF $75+ Purchase + 6% Cash Back

Retro Matte Lipstick $19 + 6% Cash Back

Natasha Denona Mini Retro Eyeshadow Palette $25 + 8% Cash Back

Matte Lipstick $19 + 6% Cash Back

MAC Eye Shadow (Pro Palette Refill Pan) $7 #Omega + 6% Cash Back

33 Beauty Essentials Including a Full-size New Advanced Night Repair Serum & So Much More. a $455 Value. $75 with Any Purchase. Free Shipping & Returns, Every Order + 12% Cash Back

Firm. Lift. Smooth. Perfectionist Pro Treatment $78,3-piece Set Including 1 Full-size Serum and 2 Deluxe Travel Sizes ($115 Value) + 12% Cash Back

Too Faced Born This Way The Natural Nudes Eyeshadow Palette $45 + 8% Cash Back

Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix Synchronized Recovery $70 + 12% Cash Back

Sheer Finish Pressed Powder $44.00 + 10% Cash Back

Skin Clarifier No. 75 $49 + 10% Cash Back

Luxe Lip Color $38 + 10% Cash Back

Glow, Refine & Hydrate Set $36 ($62 Value) + 10% Cash Back

Checks and Balances™ Frothy Face Wash $24 + 10% Cash Back

SUPER SPOT REMOVER™ Acne Treatment Gel $19 + 10% Cash Back

Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight Hydrating Mask With Avocado & Glacier Water $26 + 10% Cash Back

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