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Home > Blog > Guides > Romantic Getaways: Valentine’s Day Travel Deals and Ideas
Romantic Getaways: Valentine’s Day Travel Deals and Ideas
See more this Valentine's Day!
RebatesMe 01/29/20(PDT)

Taking a trip with your partner for Valentine’s day is a great idea that’s sure to please both parties. You get to separate yourself from your daily life, you get some quality (and seriously romantic) alone time, and you can see and experience some truly amazing things! 

There’s a lot of romantic getaway options for you to choose from, and so we hope that this list of Valentine’s day ideas and specials will not only help you decide--but also help you save more so that you can ultimately see and do more.


You should know: There can sometimes be a lot of expectations around romantic trips, so if you’ve never traveled as a couple before we’d recommend checking out 10 Essential Tips for Traveling as Couple.


Fly Away Together


Going Abroad for Valentine’s day is one way to ensure a truly memorable holiday. There are so many great romantic and beautiful destinations to experience. If you’re looking to spark some intimacy, there’s nothing quite like exploring a new country for the first time to bring you closer.   


Here are some amazing locations along with some unique deals that will help you get started.


Classic Romantic Travel Destinations


Call them cliché or tropes, these spots are nothing new—but they’re popular for a reason. Mostly because they are some of the most beautiful places in the world. You simply can’t go wrong here.


Paris, France

It is known as the city of romance so how could it not be first on this list? You know what you’re getting. Wine, amazing food, breath taking art, and more wine.

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Seville, Spain

Often considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Seville is old and modern at the same time. Expect amazing architecture.

Discover all the romance of Spain + Coupons Only


Venice, Italy

This floating city should be on everyone’s bucket list. It’s gorgeous and it's full of history art, and amazing food. 


Discover everything the world has to offer + Coupons Only


Valletta, Malta

An ancient city sitting on the Mediterranean island of Malta. You’ll enjoy beautiful Mediterranean views. It’s simply gorgeous.

Book the perfect Mediterranean getaway + 1% Cash Back


Lesser Known Romantic Travel Destinations


If you’re looking to get off the beaten path a little, here are some lesser-known but still amazing romantic getaways.


Colmar, France


Close to Germany and Switzerland, Colmar is an old French town that is filled with a lot of charm. Expect cobblestone roads and enchanting renaissance buildings.


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Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town is a gorgeous city. It’s a well-known travel destination but doesn’t quite pop up on most romantic getaway lists. It should. There’s so much to see and do especially for adventure-seeking couples.


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Bacuit Archipelago, Philippines


If you’re into stunning beaches, water sports, great weather, and green nature, then this is your spot.


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More Deals for Your Trip

See what else we have to offer and check out our Travel & Hotels with Cash Back page. It’ll help you save while you plan the perfect intimate getaway.

Explore Your City in a New Light


Romantic vacations don’t have to mean you need to change zip codes. Chances are there are some creative romantic places right in your own back yard that would make for a great romantic weekend getaway.


Maybe there’s a resort nearby you’ve never had an excuse to stay at before, maybe there’s a restaurant you’ve really wanted to splurge at, who knows!


One of the main perks for staying close to home is not having to deal with all of the stress air and sea travel can bring. Additionally, if you’re a couple on a budget then this can seriously cut your travel costs.


Getting a Room


Most of the year there’s usually no need to stay at a resort in your own town, but Valentine’s day offers the perfect excuse!


Going through a travel booking site is a good way to find special packages, limited time offers, and they make it easy to compare accommodations between locations (such as honeymoon suite offerings).


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Hotels, B & B's, or something in between. has your romantic vacation covered. + 1% Cash Back

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Something More Homey


If it’s intimacy we’re talking about, then perhaps what you need is less of a resort or hotel, and more of a home away from home.


Full kitchens, fireplaces, and add in a hot tub and you’ve got the perfect ingredients for a great couple’s Valentine’s day.





A home renting service, Vrbo offers some great vacation rentals at affordable prices. There’s probably a cozy little house near you that would be the perfect getaway for two.


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A lot of people don’t realize that there are a lot of vacation and property rentals on TripAdvisor. The site’s robust reviewing platform also makes it easy for you to ensure you’re getting a great spot.


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Top Villas


If you’re looking for something a bit higher end for your romantic getaway, then Top Villas is a great place to start since Top Villas is one of the world’s leading luxury villa rental specialists.


Discover your perfect getaway + 1% Cash Back


For any Romantic Travel Experience


We partner with a lot of different travel companies. To see our comprehensive list of cashback offers, check out our Travel & Hotels with Cash Back page. It’ll help you save while you plan the perfect intimate getaway.


All of the prices and cash back rates mentioned above were active at the time of writing and are subject to change. However, you can always find great deals with RebatesMe and our travel partners. Not a member of RebatesMe? Join now and start earning Cash Back on things like travel. You’ll get $5 just for joining, and you can earn an additional $10 for every friend you refer to RebatesMe.

And for limited-time and exclusive holiday-themed offers; be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.





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