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Brands You Can't Find on Amazon

Missing Brands & Items
Evan M. 10/13/20(PST)

While it seems like you can get just about anything under the sun at Amazon, that’s actually not true.

There are a number of brands out there that you won’t be able to find on the eCommerce platform, plus there are even more companies that have limitations in place as to how their products do appear on the platform (for example, by not

Major Brands Not on Amazon

These brands don’t allow their goods to be sold on Amazon. If you stumble upon them, most likely they are sold from a sketchy source or are counterfeits.


Nike announced back in 2019 that they will no longer be selling on the platform. As of now, you can still find official Nike products on Amazon, and there’s no official date of separation – but it’s on the horizon.


A parent company of many well-known luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Bite Beauty, Marc Jacobs, Hublot, & more.


Another luxury brand you won’t be able to find on Amazon.


You can’t buy shoes from this popular shoe brand on Amazon.


Patagonia has always been selective when it comes to where their products are featured. Amazon seems to be another example.

The North Face

A surprising entry from a brand that you can find in most retail locations.

Ralph Lauren

A higher-end apparel brand that you won’t find on the eCommerce giant.


This company used to be on Amazon, but as of 2016, they pulled the plug.

Why do certain brands not appear on Amazon?

There are three primary reasons why some brands may not want to be featured on Amazon. Some brands, mostly luxury brands, want to control the brand experience and don’t want to risk dimensioning brand value. Both of which can happen when you let a third party sell your product.

Then there’s the cut. It costs money to feature goods on Amazon, money that could go into the pockets of the business instead. This impacts all sellers, but small businesses feel the sting the most since their margins are typically smaller.

Largest of all is the issue of counterfeits. Amazon has a counterfeit problem that hurts companies of any size, as well as consumers.

Counterfeits on Amazon

For as long as there have been people making goods, there have been people making fakes for a quick buck.

Amazon’s easily accessible platform has made it especially easy for people to fake products, and it has made it hard for consumers to be able to tell the difference.

Spearheading counterfeiting efforts are what’s known as imposter sellers. Sellers that fake a product's legitimacy, reviews, or often a combination of the two. With a heavily marked down price, a consumer instantly thinks they’re getting a great deal from a great brand with a good reputation.

The damage done is twofold. Businesses lose out on a legitimate sale while consumers miss out on the quality assurance & features of a brand product.

This is why many brands such as Nike are pulling off the platform – so they can better control their own products.

Brands That Aren’t Allowed to Be Sold by Third Parties on Amazon

While Nike is taking the extreme measure of completely pulling from the platform, many others are taking a more subtle approach.

Certain brands are still on Amazon, but they aren’t allowing third-party sellers or retailers (the latter being the Walmarts and Targets of the world) to sell their goods on the platform. While this doesn’t completely eliminate the counterfeit problem, but it certainly helps.

One consequence of doing so is that the prices you find for these brands won’t be marked down very much if at all.

On the bright side, if you know a brand doesn’t allow for resellers, then you can be assured that you’re getting a legitimate product, and you can usually spot a counterfeit from miles away.

Major Brands that Don’t Allow 3rd Party Sellers on Amazon

Here are the brands that don’t sell through third parties on Amazon.

If you shop from these stores directly, you’ll usually get a much better price due to coupons, promos, & cash back opportunities that simply aren’t available on Amazon.

• Adidas

• Apple

• Bandai

• Bose

• Brooks

• Burt's Bees

• Calvin Klein

• Chanel

• Citizen

• Coach

• Columbia

• Disney


• Dr. Dre Beats

• Dyson

• Elizabeth Arden

• Emporio Armani


• Gucci

• Harley Davidson

• Icebreaker

• Kate Spade

• KitchenAid

• Le Creuset

• Levi's

• Logitech

• Marc by Marc Jacobs

• Microsoft

• Nintendo

• Peter Thomas Roth

• Pokemon

• Reeboks

• Seiko

• Skillcandy

• Sony Cameras

• Speedo

• Tide

• Timberland

• Tommy Hilfiger

• Tory Burch

• Uggs

• Under Armour

• Victoria's Secret

These lists are subject to change at the discretion of the brands at any time. Plus, keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive.

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