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How to Make the Most out of Your Cash Back

Stack some serious rewards
RebatesMe 04/13/20(PST)

Earning cash back is a simple and convenient way to get more back from every online shopping trip you take. Like most things, there are better tactics and ways to take advantage of this opportunity than others. Here’s a few pointers in getting the most out of your cash back experience.

Use the Cash Back Link Whenever You Shop Online

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it’s not uncommon for people to pass this up which is unfortunate because it’s the best way to get the most out of any online shopping.

Cash back links are how you earn cash back on your purchase. Since they are store specific, they are less temporary and finicky than coupons or special sales offers – which generally translates to you can use them whenever, and for whatever.

It does mean going through the cash back link each time, but if you do, you can ensure you’re getting a decent percentage of your purchase back. Over time, these purchases will add up significantly.

Since cash back is based on the final sales price, you should definitely make sure you activate your cash back link before making a big purchase.

If the idea of going through a website link bothers you a bit, we have a cash back extension tool that automatically checks which store you’re at and offers you the applicable cash back rate.

Always Take Advantage of Sales Opportunities

Cash back and sales events should always be paired together. If there is a major store sale coming up, the next best thing is to pocket 10% of your purchase afterwards.

Remember, cash back is taken off the total price you pay, not the pre-sales price. So a 25% sale and 10% cash back opportunity does not mean you will save 35%.

When looking for the best sales opportunities, keep your eyes peeled for holiday events, and limited time offers. Shopping off season is also a great tactic that can sometimes net some outstanding savings.

Be Patient

Earning cash back on each purchase is neat, but getting the most out of the system takes time. Earning 10, 20, or even 30% cash back can be a win, but unless you’re making extremely large purchases, these amounts will still seem a bit small.

The key here is that over time, they will certainly add up to something bigger. It’s a bit like investing in that sense, except the returns are more guaranteed.

Be patient, and the more you use the cash back opportunities, the more you will get out of your online shopping experience.

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