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How to Become a RebatesMe Influencer

Share the cash back love
RebatesMe 01/26/21(PST)

The RebatesMe Influencer program is a way of giving influencers, content creators, and online personalities the opportunity to get rewarded by helping grow the RebatesMe family while spreading the word of cash back shopping.

If you’re interested in joining our program, you can apply here today by filling out this simple form!

What do RebatesMe Influencers Get?

RebatesMe Influences get rewarded when they help spread the word about RebatesMe in general or one of the many cash back opportunities, coupons, or promo codes we have to offer.

The more effective you are at this, the more rewards you will get.

Because there are many different metrics for success and also because of the many different ways to contribute as a RebatesMe Influencer, we sit down and discuss which compensation system/terms are right for you.

We do this because we wanted a program that’s better tailored towards your own personal talents, skills, and goals.

If you’re not an influencer but would still like to get some rewards for sharing some cash back love, then you should check out our current Referral Program.

What’s the Criteria for Joining?

Because RebatesMe works with over 4,000 online merchants, we’re looking for influencers that either work around one of the categories we work with (makeup, shoes, electronics, etc.), or is passionate about saving people money.

We view applications on a case-by-case situation, and so there isn’t a “hard” criteria you need to meet to get accepted. That said, there are a few general things we keep an eye out for.

An active social media presence: We’re looking for people that know how to engage with an audience through social media. Exactly how often you engage, and the quality of your posts is more important to us than the number of likes/follows.

Passion for your industry: We want influencers who clearly love what they do. We want people who are enthusiastic about their niche.

A specific audience: We’re looking for people who are talking to a specific group rather than simply anyone that will listen. The more specific your niche is, the better offers we can provide for you.

When Can I Hear Back?

Once you submit an application, we try to get back to you as soon as possible if we’re interested (usually within a few weeks).

Please note that because of the sheer volume of applications we receive, we’re not able to reply to everyone.

You’re welcome to reapply to the program if you’d like to be reconsidered. Please wait 2 months after your previous application before re-applying.

Reapplying uses the same form as the regular application – which is here.

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