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Home > Blog > Tips > Four ways to spruce up your space for spring

Four ways to spruce up your space for spring

Time to freshen up your space!
Kimberly 03/16/22(PST)
Nothing feels satisfying like giving your space a deep clean and a refresh. Cleaning your house from top to bottom can feel like a lot, so consider the suggestions below to make things a little more manageable.

Get out with the old 

Before you even start your deep clean, take stock of your decor items. Do you still love what you have? Do your decorations still represent your style? For the pieces that don't, set them aside and donate or resell them. Bonus - if you resell them, you can use that money for new decor. 

Pro tip
Consider adding a mirror or two to the wall to brighten up your space.

Make time for a deep clean 

The sun is shining, the days are longer and the weather is just warm enough to open the windows for some fresh air. What better time for a deep clean? Get out your best cleaning products and play your favorite soundtrack. 

Go from room to room.  

  • Move all the chairs and small furniture out of the room.
  • Shake out small rugs outside and leave them there while you vacuum and mop the floors. 
  • Clean and dust your decor items and the surfaces they are on. 
  • Clean the windows, and then put everything back. 

Pro Tip

Stock up on the best cleaning supplies and get moving. 

 Get in with the new 

After you purged and decluttered, consider switching it up! Take some time to assess how you can rearrange your furniture and remix what you have. And if you want, you can always add a new piece to your collection as well. 

Pro tip
Add a corner shelf with some plants to brighten up the room 

Finally…Take it outside

Put some attention into your outdoor spaces as the weather starts to warm up. Sweep up your outdoor areas, clean your furniture and cushions, and decide if anything needs to be replaced. Now's also the time to add some potted plants to your outdoor space. 

Pro tip
Spruce up your outdoor space with some hanging lights! 

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