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Home > Blog > Tips > 5 ideas to decorate your outdoor space for spring!

5 ideas to decorate your outdoor space for spring!

Get your outdoor space ready for spring
Kimberly 03/23/22(PST)
Spring is here, and it's a great time to design an outdoor oasis to escape, enjoy some fresh air, and unwind with friends and family. 
Cultivate an inviting space with the right combination of outdoor furniture, plants, decor, and other elements that suit your style. 
Try these ideas to turn your backyard into a relaxing outdoor oasis.

Incorporate color with textiles 

Add a personal fair to your deck or patio by incorporating some outdoor textiles that add style and color. Once you pick your color scheme, choose a range of patterns for your pillows, rugs and other textiles. Make sure you choose fabric that is resistant to sun, can dry quickly and is easy to clean.

Christiansen Painted Outdoor Accent Pillows (Set of 2) by Havenside Home - Overstock

Create an oasis with plants 

Cultivate your oasis with lush plants. Layering plants is a great way to add texture and liven up your space. Use greenery as a centerpiece for an outdoor table, and arrange plants near your seating area. Use plants with tall stems and full leaves as a natural privacy screen. 

Proven winners - Bobo Hardy Hydrangea, White to Pink Flowers - Home Depot

Use outdoor lighting 

Make the most of your backyard even after the sun goes down. Get creative with lights that illuminate walkways and paths, and also provide a good ambient glow. For hangout areas, use hanging and solar powered lights. 

Alpine Corporation 10" Outdoor Hanging Solar LED Light - Walmart

Make sure you have some shade

Create some spots in your yard where you have a respite from the summer sun and heat. Arbors, canopies, and even well situated plants can all provide shade from the summer sun. 

Costway Canopy and Garden Structures Gazebo with Netting for Outdoors - Bed, Bath and Beyond

Get a fire pit 

There's nothing like relaxing around a fire pit when the sun goes down. Fire pits are a great way to draw people together, and extend the usefulness of an outdoor living area into cooler weather.

Teamson Propane Fire Pit - Lowes

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