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Home > Blog > Tips > Thrifty Things You Can Do For Mom on Mother's Day

Thrifty Things You Can Do For Mom on Mother's Day

(or on any day)
Rebatesme 05/04/20(PST)

Having an amazing Mother's Day doesn't mean you have to break the bank. There are plenty of great and thrifty activities you can do with your mom in order to make her day special.

Cook Her a Nice Breakfast

Making a nice breakfast is a great way to surprise mom any day of the week. It’s a great way for her to start her day and it’s a meal that everyone loves.

There’s a lot of dishes to choose from, but we’d recommend Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs breakfast for a few reasons:

• The ingredients aren’t expensive or exotic

• It’s delicious

• Anyone can master this dish

Take a Family Photo

Capturing memories is something every family should do, and Mother’s Day offers the perfect excuse. Since most smart phones come with outstanding cameras, you don’t even need to hire a professional photographer to get this done, just some gusto and a bit of creativity.

That said, this is something you should have fun with. Selfies are more than welcome, you can dress up, down, or in a specific theme, or you can travel somewhere unique for the photo. Either way, this is a great activity that can involve all of your loved ones (and be the start of a yearly tradition too).

Go Through Old Photos and Memories Together

While we’re on the topic of photography, now’s a good time to go over some old photo albums your mom. Spending an hour or more going over some old family photos is a great way of spending the day.

If you really want to spark some memories, do some digging and see if you can find anything from your childhood to go over and share. Art projects you made or letters you wrote in grade school are great things to look over and laugh at with your mom.

Watch Her Favorite TV Show or Movie

Whether it’s reruns of Murder She Wrote, a soap opera that should’ve ended 8 years ago, or the latest Star Wars film, watching your mom’s favorite flick is a great way to spend Mother’s Day. It’s a great way to bond just a little more and really do something she enjoys.

If there’s a new film or show she wants to get into, now’s the perfect time to try it out with her.

Take Her on an Outdoor Adventure (after Covid)

Living in the age of Covid-19 means making sacrifices to your normal outdoor activities. Most likely you won’t be able to go on an outdoor adventure, but Covid won’t last forever, and a rain check would certainly still be appreciated.

Whenever things get better, there are plenty of amazing places to go and things to do that you’ll both love, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Some recommended adventures are:

• Farmers Markets

• Local Hiking Trails

• Plant Shopping

• Museum Tours

Do the Chores She Loathes

Some chores people enjoy. Some chores are cathartic or a great way of taking your mind off of things. Others are hated. Find out which chores or activities your mom hates doing, and do them for her. Is it mowing the lawn? Cleaning the bathroom? Maybe its organizing the garage. Whatever it is, this is a nice gesture that can make your mom feel loved.

Have Some Tea and Catch Up

When was the last time you really talked about what’s really been going on in your mom’s life? If it’s been awhile now is the perfect time to sit down and just talk. Get to know her a bit more. Be inquisitive and interested. This is something that doesn’t take a lot of effort but life gets busy and the older we get we tend to do this less and less. Taking the time to catch up can be something special both you and her will enjoy.

Play a Game Together

Breaking out some cards, a board game, or a puzzle is a nice way to spend the afternoon. Its also something your whole family can get involved with as well. You can do something you’ve done a million times, or try something completely new. The only criteria is that it does have to be something your mom enjoys. If you use to drive her up the wall by requesting a game of Candy Land every other day as a kid, then maybe skip it this time.

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