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Where Can I Buy an RTX 3070?

Get Yours On Day One
Evan M. 10/28/20(PST)

With Nvidia’s 3090 and 3080 hitting massive supply issues, people should prepare for the same when the 3070 drops tomorrow.

If you want any chance of snagging what’s probably the best value in graphic cards ever ($499 for a beefed-up 2080 ti is just insane), then you’re going to need to get your shopping cart ready the moment they go on sale.

The best place to go would be directly through NVIDIA’s website (they have a list where you can buy them) but there are a few other retailers where you might be able to snag one in case they run out.

NVIDIA RTX 3070 founders edition

The RTX 3070 is one of the best value graphic cards to exist thanks to it’s $499 price tag.

What Time Does the RTX 3070 Launch

The 3070 Launches on October 29th at 6:00 am. Pacific in the US, or 1:00 pm GMT in the UK. To get yours, you’re going to need to place an order exactly when it drops.

Buying on launch day (at Nvidia directly at least) will grant you the Founders Edition, which is essentially a platinum and black special edition of the card. Not all retailers may sell the Founders Edition, so if it’s the one you’re after, double-check to make sure it’s the one you’re getting.

Places in the US to order an RTX 3070

• Nvidia

• Best Buy

• B&H

• NewEgg

If you can’t find one at these stores, you can always head to eBay…but you’re going to be throwing down A LOT of money thanks to insane marked up prices (just look at the crazy mark-ups for the RTX 3080).

Places in the UK to order an RTX 3070

• Nvidia UK

• Curry’s PC World

• Ebuyer

• Scan


Retailers to Grab Cash Back from the RTX 3070

If you’re a RebatesMe member, you’ll be able to earn cash back from these stores from your RTX 3070 (or any RTX 3000) purchase.

If you’re not, you can Join Now for free.

BestBuy (US)

NewEgg (US)

Curry’s PC World (UK)


Is the 3070 the best graphic card to get for the money?

For just $499, it’s an extremely good value – especially when you take into consideration that the 2080 TI (which this card meets or exceeds the performance of) cost over twice that upon release.

That said, if we’re talking about the price for performance, the 3080 is probably the best deal out there. For just $200 more at $699, you get a significant boost in performance over the 3070 and the 2080 ti (available at all the retailers listed above).

NVIDIA RTX 3080 founders edition

For $699 you can get the RTX 3080 with improved performance over the 3070

If you’re interested in just how much of a performance jump that is, Forbes does an excellent job at comparing the 3080 against the 3070 and 2080 ti.

Our 2 cents is this. If you’re new to PC gaming, making a first build, or are just in dire need to upgrade for as little money as possible, then the RTX 3070 will do you fine. While throwing down that extra $200 for a 3080 will give you more performance as well as “future-proofing”, that $200 can also go towards things like a faster SSD or more RAM – you know, things that can ensure you’re making the most out of your machine as a whole.

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