Nordstrom: Ultimate Guide for Deals, Rewards, and Savings

Save more at Nordstrom

Evan M. 07/07/20 (PDT)

Nordstrom is one department store that is known for carrying some of the best brands around. Given their extensive list of popular names and high-quality items, the love for this brand has only grown.

Fans of Nordstrom know that it is a great place to get exceptional clothing, jewelry, and more. For this reason, Nordstrom coupons can come in pretty handy. After all, why pay full price when you can get a discount? You have every right to look fabulous without breaking the bank.

That is why we wanted to help you to get the most out of some free Nordstrom savings opportunities!

Search The Sales & Clearance Page

A good Nordstrom discount code can go a long way, but their sales and clearance page makes it easy. You can see how much you are actually saving on each individual item.

All around the year, you can visit this page to find chances to save on popular products. Whether it is last year’s design or not, it will still look fabulous.

Some of the sales prices might seem too good to be true, and there is a catch. If you don’t act fast, you might miss out!

Save On Big Names With The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Like many other big-name department stores, Nordstrom offers its guests annual sales to help them shop with a little more freedom. Every year, they host a complete Anniversary Sale.

It is designed to help you spend a little money on a lot of wonderful brand-name products. Some of these brands are known for their high price tags.

This is exactly why snatching them up during this sale is the best choice you can make. The dates change every year, so keep an eye out. You don’t want to miss your chance to save on brand new in-season outfits from major designers.

Keep An Eye Out For Their Extra Clearance Sale

Unlike the Anniversary Sale, this sales event isn’t always a guarantee. However, when it does happen, you will without question notice. Few products at Nordstrom are cheap, but their clearance events offer such extreme discounts that your jaw will literally drop.

Some events have offered up to 70% off incredible big-brand items that would otherwise make for a huge purchase. At their clearance events, you will be able to stock your closet with beautiful designer brands for almost nothing!

Shop During Their Bi-Annual Half-Yearly Sales Events

You don’t need a Nordstrom promo code to cash-in on these incredible savings events. Twice a year, Nordstrom is kind enough to host a Half-Yearly Sales event. It is generally towards the end of summer and the end of the year.

You can usually find these sales in May and December. They are a great way to stock up for the season. During the Half-Yearly Sales, Nordstrom offers incredible savings from clothes to makeup and all the way to home decor!

The savings can go well over 50% off the price tag, making it ideal for a completely safe shopping spree.

Don’t Miss Their 4th of July Sale

Nordstrom is known for their 4th of July sale where they routinely offer incredible discounts. This is one department store that is happy to celebrate America’s independence and wants you to celebrate with them.

Though the sales do change from year to year, you can always find a good sale for this holiday. In fact, you can generally find great sales with Nordstrom around many different holidays. As long as there is a reason to celebrate, they are happy to help.

Stock Up On Their Black Friday and Cyber Monday Events

Many retailers love to host events on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and Nordstrom is no exception. If you are hoping to save big on some huge brands, waiting might just be in your best interest.

Whether you are looking to head into the store or you want to enjoy your shopping experience online, it doesn’t matter. Nordstrom promises huge deals on great brands like The North Face, Ugg, and more.

Find Coupons Online Any Time of Year

Since Nordstrom is such a big store, you can easily find a good Nordstrom promo code online. Online websites like ours are known for pairing with stores and staying on top of sales.

It is why we always know how to get the best possible deal. Any time of year, you can find mind-blowing savings on Nordstrom purchases.

Look For Price-Matching Opportunities

More stores are beginning to normalize price-matching and Nordstrom is no exception. If you are able to find the same item online for a better price, you are in luck.

Nordstrom is completely open to offering you that same price. It is their way of staying ahead of the competition and helping their customers to save on time.

Remember, you can only price match with credible stores, so do your research before asking. In some instances, you can even take advantage of sales adjustments over purchases that you have already made!

Get The Nordstrom Card

Nordstrom is proud to offer its customers a total of three different options for in-store cards. Each card comes with its own great perks, making it easy for you to choose which one is right for you. All card options offer cash-back opportunities and invitations to exclusive events.

Nordstrom Rewards Retail Card—This in-store credit card gains you access to rewards and exclusive events. It can only be used at Nordstrom.

Nordstrom Rewards Visa Signature Card—Like other Visa Signature cards, you gain access to exclusive member benefits in addition to rewards towards Nordstrom purchases. This can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted.

Nordstrom Debit Card—The Nordstrom debit card is a card that links to your debit account. It is a credit-free alternative that still gives you access to exclusive rewards.

Join The Nordy Club

If you want Nordstrom cashback opportunities, you absolutely must sign up for the Nordy Club. With this free rewards program, you can spend time unlocking levels to maximize your savings. Do you enjoy gaining exclusive access to sales events before everyone else?

This club is for you. With The Nordy Club, the more you spend, the more savings opportunities you will unlock. You can gain access to free workshops, annual sales events, and can even meet your own in-home stylist! Want more savings?

Become a Nordstrom cardmember too and gain even more points when you shop! As you spend, you will gain access to higher tiers as a member. Even better, $1 spent gains you 1 reward point!


This tier is for customers who spend up to $500 annually at Nordstrom of any of their other retailers and includes the following perks:

● First access to certain brands

● Access to beauty and style workshops

● Free alterations

● Exclusive event access


Insiders are customers who spend between $500 and $2000 annually and receive the following perks:

● All perks from previous tiers

● A personal double points day


Influencers spend between $2000 and $5000 annually at Nordstrom and receive the following:

● All perks from previous tiers

● An additional personal double points day

● Priority access to style events


Ambassadors spend over $5000 annually at Nordstrom and receive the following rewards:

● All perks from previous tiers

● Two additional double points days

● A Nordstrom in-home stylist

● Access to invite-only events

Look For The Savings

Nordstrom lovers know that their sales are well worth it, and now you do too! Whether you plan to stop by for one of their sales events or you are already scoping out what you want on Black Friday, the best thing that you can do is be an educated consumer.

Savings are always available for those who are willing to look for them. Nordstrom even offers free samples, so don’t hesitate to ask. Stock up on Nordstrom discount codes and start collecting on rewards points today. You will love the savings almost as much as you love your new designer wardrobe!

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