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RebatesMe FAQ
What is the Cashback Button?
The Cashback Button web browser extension that helps you save money and earn Cash Back when you shop online. It features earns you up to 55% Cash Back at 3000+ stores.
How do I earn Cash Back?
When Cash Back is available at a store, the Cash Back Alert will appear indicating the current Cash Back rate for that store. Click on the Activate Cash Back button to activate Cash Back, then complete your order without closing the browser or leaving the store.
How do I claim my Cash Back?
Go to and click 'My Account' or 'Login' at the top-right of the page. Once logged in, you can check your earnings balance, purchase history, request a payment, or edit your account details and more.
Is there anything I need to do to make sure my Cash Back tracks properly?
If you have any other shopping oriented toolbars or browser add-ons installed (that offer coupon, Cash Back, etc.), they can interfere with the proper functioning of the Cashback Button and therefore earning Cash Back. For best results, we recommend removing any other shopping oriented browser add-ons or toolbars.
Does Cashback collect any personally identifiable information?
No, the Cashback Button does not collect any personally identifiable information and we do not sell or share your email address with anyone.
Does the Cashback Button cost anything to use?
No, the Cashback Button is FREE.
Will the Cashback Button slow down my computer or browser?
No, not likely. The Cashback Button has been optimized for maximum performance.
How do I remove the Cashback Button?
Removing the Cashback Button is simple and can be done with just a few clicks. To uninstall the Button, please see instructions for your browser.

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