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RebatesMe FAQ
When can I add a Missing Cashback inquiry?
You can add a Missing Cashback inquiry if your cashback hasn’t been confirmed within 7 days. Please click the “Add Missing Cashback Inquiry” button below, fill out the information, and submit it. You can also click here to see your Missing Cashback Inquiry History.

All Missing Cash Back Inquiries must be made within 90 days of the purchase date. We are unable to start an investigation with a retailer once 90 days have passed from the order date. Please note that Travel Cash Back can be an exception to this rule.
How to quickly add a Missing Cashback inquiry from Shopping Trips?
Step 1: On the "Shopping Trips" page, select "Find My Cash Back" on the right side of the history corresponding to the order;

Step 2: Enter the order details of the order amount, order number, etc (The merchant name, order date, and other information will    be automatically identified according to the click record);

Step 3: Click "Send Request" to complete.
How could I add a Missing Cashback inquiry?
According to the order confirmation email sent by the merchant or the order confirmation information of the merchant website, follow the prompts on the page to fill in correctly.  Including order number, date, amount (pure number, no currency), shipping detail. Cash back only be valid on the amount you actually paid for goods, excluding taxes, shipping& fees, etc. For example:

The order confirmation information of the merchant website

The order confirmation email sent by the merchant

Which stores do not allow order inquiries?
Most merchants allow order inquiries if your order is not confirmed after 7 days. Some merchants like ebay, Amazon and so on, don't allow inquiries. Please check the merchant page for this before ordering.
Can I add an order inquiry if i didn't use RebatesMe to click to the website I ordered from?
No. The merchant will track your orders via cookies. We will also track all the records. If you didn't first click the link to shop from RebatesMe, it means you haven't ordered using RebatesMe. Please click from RebatesMe for every order, even when you need to order several times with one merchant.
How long until I hear back regarding my order inquiry?
We have submitted a confirmation request to the merchant, the order will become Pending after the merchant comfirmed. This normally takes about 45 days. Please notice that order total and cashback may get updated accroding to retailer's information.
Why was my order inquiry rejected?
The most common reasons of an inquiry being rejected are listed below:

  •  Transaction Referred by Another Affiliate/Publisher
  •  Credited to Other Channel
  •  Non-Commissionable Coupon Code Used  
  •  Order Cancelled
  •  Not Last Referred Click
  •  Can not Locate OID/OID Invalid
  •  Non-Commissionable
 Please Contact Us if you believe there is an error.

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