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MIssing Cash Back inquiry T&C

If a member believes that Cash Back has not been accurately reported to their account, it is the responsibility of the member to submit a Cash Back inquiry via the RebatesMe customer support ticket form. Located in their account's logged shopping trips. Missing Cash Back inquiries must be submitted no earlier than 7 days and no later than 90 days after the transaction date.

For most travel-related Cash Back (Hotels, Car Rental, airline ticket etc), credit is issued over the course of two transactions. An initial reservation record of $0.00 will post within 7 days of your travel purchase. This indicates that the sale was tracked from the travel site to RebatesMe. As a second step, a Cash Back credit on eligible portions of your booking will post within 60 days of the completion of your travel.

If the initial reservation record of $0.00 is not posted in your account within 7 days of the travel purchase, please submit a Missing Cash Back Inquiry. These must be submitted no later than 60 days after the travel purchase. For purchases that do have a $0.00 reservation record, inquiries may be submitted for a longer period, up to six months following the travel purchase.

We will provide you with links on the RebatesMe website to the websites of affiliated merchants. When you click one of these links and make a qualifying purchase at that affiliated merchant's website, you will receive the specified amount of Cash Back posted to your RebatesMe account. We will make every effort to accurately track and report your qualifying purchases, but you will not hold us liable for any delays or failures in tracking or reporting that are the fault of the merchant in reporting your purchase to us. Furthermore, you will not hold us liable for any technical failures that delay or prevent your purchase, and therefore your possible earnings from being reported to us. Technical failures include but are not limited to:

  • You disable cookie or other technologies used in tracking purchases.
  • Your order of goods were partially shipped or not completed.
  • Your order was returned /out of stock/ canceled.
  • You used a coupon or promotion from another website, another (non-internet) source, or an email directly from the merchant.
  • You added the item(s) to your shopping cart before clicking through from
  • Your purchase was for a gift card or was paid for with a gift card.
  • You used a third-party payment service such as Google Checkout to pay for the order.
  • You closed your web browser window before completing your purchase.
  • Your browser is not configured to accept cookies or you cleared the cookies on your computer while in the middle of placing an order.
  • You accessed the website through another referral website or by typing the website URL directly into your browser.
  • User error, known or unknown Merchant website error or tracking malfunction.
  • You clicked through to the merchant website to start your tracking session, but took longer than 24 hours to complete your order.
  • You checked out from the merchant site multiple times but only clicked through from RebatesMe once.

Cash Back Protection Terms

Cash Back protection is only available to US residents. A US IP address and a US mobile phone number is required when creating a RebatesMe account. Verification of US membership status may be inquired upon a Cash Back Protection request. Each household can have 1 RebatesMe account that qualifies for Cash Back Protection. For RebatesMe to combat fraud, any subsequent accounts within a household are not eligible for Cash Back protection.

Cash Back Protection is valid for individual orders up to $1,000 and will not exceed monthly orders totaling $10,000.

Cash Back Protection is not available for all merchants. Please read the terms and conditions on each merchant page to learn more.

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