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During our 8th Anniversary, we will have a gift box drawing at 9:00/17:00(PDT) per day

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Cookies help us keep track of your purchases and ensure that you get all of the cash back you've earned...More
Cookies help us keep track of your purchases and ensure that you get all of the cash back you've earned.
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To qualify for a Sign Up Bonus you must be a new member of RebatesMe and make qualifying purchases earning cash back totaling above $10 within 365 days of your join date. If you fail to earn cash back totaling above $10 within 365 days of your join date, the Sign Up Bonus will be canceled.

RebatesMe accounts need to have a minimum of $10 (including the sign up bonus) before a request for payment (cashing out) can be made.

Refer-a-Friend Program Terms and Conditions 

Subject to these Referral Program Terms, RebatesMe will pay you a $10 Referral Bonus through your RebatesMe account for every Qualified Referral (defined below) you refer.

“Qualified Referral" must: 

  1. Be a new member of RebatesMe. 

  2. Be a natural person (no business entities, groups, pets, or anything other than a singular person).

  3. Be referred by you via your unique referral link, the links via the invitation forms on this page, or other methods that RebatesMe provided for proper tracking of referrals. 

  4. Make qualifying purchases that earn at least $10 in cash back within one year of signing up.

The Refer-a-Friend program is not available for certain members that meet certain criteria, or under certain circumstances. Those are:

  1. Individuals who come directly from cashbackmonitor.com, cashbackholic.com, or any other cashback monitoring site of the same nature.

  2. Bloggers, influencers, and other individuals who are or have at any time in the past worked with RebatesMe with any marketing efforts including but not limited to: Hosting affiliate links, general site promotion, social media engagement, referral programs, and others.

  3. RebatesMe members who come from another referral program offered by RebatesMe or one of its partners.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of activities that are not permitted and that will disqualify you from earning Referral Bonuses:

  1. Creating multiple accounts for one individual; self-referrals;referrals of members of the same household;suspected fraud. 

  2. Using search engine sponsored listings or any other paid advertising. 

  3. Posting your referral link on a merchant's site, merchant's social media page, or other similar activity. 

  4. Impersonation of RebatesMe or pretending to be a representative of RebatesMe and making false claims about RebatesMe. 

  5. Using spam email to spread your link, spamming web forums and other online properties.   

RebatesMe reserves the right to review all referrals and to deny, withhold, or cancel any bonuses for any referrals that RebatesMe deems, in its sole discretion, as fraudulent, abusive, unethical, suspicious or otherwise inconsistent with these Referral Program Terms. RebatesMe decisions are final. RebatesMe reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Referral Program or to change these Referral Program Terms at any time and for any reason in its sole discretion.

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