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Online Shopping
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·Make your first order through RebatesMe at DKNY to be eligible for a higher rate. Earn 8% Cash Back on sales up to $100.0, sales exceeding $100.0 will earn ordinary rate . Valid only on your first order placed through RebatesMe, limit one use per RebatesMe account. To qualify for the first order cashback rate you must make a qualifying purchase earning cash back totaling at least $0.01.
·Cash back is only valid on the amount you actually paid for goods.
·The use of coupon/promotional codes not listed on RebatesMe may void Cash Back.
·Cash back is not available for orders deemed by Stores as being for reseller activities.
·Cash back is not available if you fail to clean your shopping bag before clicking through to the retailer.
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Online Shopping 8.0%
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Cash back will become viewable in your account between 1-2 days after
a purchase is made (varies by merchant).
Tips: This is only an estimation. The exchange rate and cash back rate would follow
the actual order.

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간단히 말해서 DKNY는 뉴욕의 에너지이자 정신입니다. 국제적이고 절충 주의적이며 재미 있고 빠르고 현실적입니다. DKNY는 직장에서 주말, 청바지에서 저녁까지 모든 곳에서 사람들의 실제 요구를 해결합니다. 세련되고 친근한 DKNY는 전 세계적으로 독특한 스타일의 조합을 지속적으로 제공합니다.
Find all the latest DKNY coupons, sales and deals with Cash Back from RebatesMe.
DKNY 소개, 혜택과 적립금
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DKNY 리베이트
25% off Sale Styles.
리베이트 8%
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