Adidas: Ultimate Guide to Rewards, Deals, Coupons, & More

Save more at Adidas

Evan M. 07/07/20 (PDT)

Adidas is an incredible brand with some of the best athletic wear and sneakers in the game. Their great designers and awesome reputation make it easy to see why people are so crazy about them.

If you are completely in love with Adidas, you aren’t alone, but we understand if you don’t absolutely love their prices. Yes, we all want fabulous sneakers, but at what cost? Don’t worry, we are here to help you save big when it comes to Adidas!

Save Year-Round on The Official Adidas Promotion Page

Some brands really go the extra mile for their customers and Adidas is without question one of them. In fact, they make it ridiculously easy to save by offering a complete page dedicated to Adidas offers. On their promotions page, you can find easy ways to save depending on their current sale events. Adidas Coupons are almost always available here and can save you a lot of money on your next purchase. Drop by before you checkout to see if you can shave a little extra off the final price.

Check Out the Sales Page On Their Website

Though the promotions page gives you easy access to Adidas offers, the real Adidas savings are on the sales page.

The sales page won’t give you open-ended Adidas deals. However, it will give you a chance to save a lot of money on a specific item. Searching through this page, you can easily save big on individual purchases. The products on this page are all on sale and for some of them, the savings can be significant.

You should always look here first when you start shopping. Don’t make the mistake of assuming its where unpopular shoes go. There are some great finds here!

Sign Up for Their Student Discount

The Adidas student discount is an incredible savings opportunities for students.

Adidas knows that most college students aren’t made of money, which is why they offer a discount through UNIDAYS. All you have to do is create a free account, confirm your student status, and let the savings roll in..

Through Adidas, students can receive free shipping and 15% off any purchase. They also offer additional promo codes to help you save even more. It is easy to sign up and for you to purchase anything from their lineup for a cheaper price. Some instances even offer you up to 30% off of your orders.

Search for Coupons Online

The internet is filled with incredible savings opportunities, just like what we offer here. These days, it is almost irresponsible to not check for the chance to save on offers online.

Chances are that you can find a huge selection of Adidas coupons on any given day. Do be aware that that the Adidas sale length can change depending on the coupon, so if you see a good deal, it is best to act quickly. You deserve it, after all!

ALSO, be aware that adidas gives out cashback too. Cash back can be used in combination with a lot of their current coupons and other promo's, so don't miss out on earning some money while you save. Cash back rates change frequently, so be sure to check out our adidas page to see our current rate, as well as all of the latest coupons, promo codes, and special offers we have.

Check Out Their Black Friday Offerings

Adidas knows that it is one of the biggest brands around. That is why it takes its savings opportunities so seriously.

All year, people wait for Black Friday announcements so that they can plan to make their next big purchase. Ever the customer-friendly company, Adidas is kind enough to put their yearly Black Friday deals out way in advance. Any time of year, you can look right here to find out what kind of deals Adidas is offering. These events are significant and they want you to know all the details.

You might just find that those shoes that you have been eyeing will be available for next to nothing.

Seek Out Annual Deals

Even though Adidas doesn’t offer an official calendar to let you know when their sales are, don’t worry. You can safely assume when they will be.

Pretty much every major holiday comes with a deal, and the same rule can be applied to season changes.

Adidas is known to launch promotions for Summer, Fall, certain holidays, and more. Checking in regularly with them can save you a ridiculous amount of money. You know, if you are into that sort of thing. Most companies love a good reason to celebrate, so check back constantly and let them spoil you!

Look for Third-Party Retailers

Did you know that you can save on Adidas without going through Adidas? Sure, there are all kinds of great deals directly through the Adidas website and in their stores.

But, that is not the only way to save. Adidas deals can be found in a wide range of different stores simply because Adidas is such a huge brand. Popular department stores and online retailers are known to do brand-specific sales.

If you aren’t finding the deal you want on the actual Adidas website, broaden your search. Check out some of their retailers to figure out if someone else has a better deal.

Join the Adidas Creators Club

Do you want Adidas cashback opportunities that can help you save? Look no further than the Adidas Creators Club.

This is not your average rewards program, but it is the one that every company should have. By joining this free club, you can sign up to start collecting rewards and other perks immediately.

Not only does Adidas reward you for shopping, but they reward you for using their products the right way. Sharing pictures of your new merch on social media? Points. Going for a run in their signature running app? Points. There are so many chances to save, you won’t want to miss out.


Challengers have received 0-999 points and receive the following:

● Free shipping

● 10% off certain gear

● Early sales access


Playmakers have received 1000-3999 points and receive the following:

● Exclusive sales and savings opportunities

● Three months of Adidas Runtastic Premium

● A birthday bonus


Gamechangers have between 4000 and 11,999 points and receive the following:

● Early product access

● Free personalization

● Special offers


Icons have over 12,000 points and receive the following:

● Special events

● Hype priority access for limited edition sales events

● 12 Months of Adidas Runtastic Premium

Save With Adidas

The Adidas brand has only gotten better with time, and that is why so many of us are looking for great deals from this sneaker giant. Fortunately, there are so many opportunities to save year-round.

Don’t convince yourself that you need to pay the full price to get Adidas products. You might just be one promo code away from getting your dream sneakers at the best possible price. Just make sure you sign up for the rewards program so you get the points too!

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