Father’s Day Gift Ideas and Deals

Your 2020 Gift Guide for Dad

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Father’s Day is right around the corner and dad’s can be hard to buy for too, which is why we put together this gift guide, so that you can find the perfect gift for dad this summer.

A New Watch

You want to get dad an useful accessory that’s timeless, get a watch. With a variety of styles, functions, and brands to choose from, there’s a watch for every kind of dad out there.

It’s also a gift available for all kinds of budgets. You can find a watch for $20, or $10,000, plus everything inbetween.

If you really understand what your dad likes in terms of style and function, a watch can be highly personal.

Our Top Pick - Citizen Watches (overall brand)


There are more prestigious brands out there, but for the money this brand offers the best in quality, style diversity, and functionality. The brand has prices that range from cheap to expensive, but we found that the $200 - $300 range is what you should aim for.

For that, you get access to a wide range of styles without sacrificing quality and longevity (it’s hard to justify “quality-per-dollar” past this price range).

Ultimately, one of the things we like about Citizen is that they don’t have batteries. Instead they have what’s known as Eco-Drive technology. Eco-Drive watches just need some form of light to run, but they aren’t needy. The batteries will last even if you set the watch in a dark closet or drawer for a few months.

Ultimately this cuts down on the amount of maintenance your dad will have to do on the watch, making it a “this just works” kind of product.


You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of headphones. Whether they’re for work, exercising, or simply leisure, headphones are a great everyday kind of gift.

With so many types and styles on the market, you can find a style that’s perfect for dad. Some dad’s love ear buds because of their light weight and transportability, while others love over the ear for their quality and comfort.

If your dad bought buds in the past, its probably a sign to go that way. Over the ear would mean the same thing.

Our Top Pick – Bose Bluetooth Headphones


If your dad is more of an athletic type, then ear buds are probably more their jam. However, we went with over-the-ear headphones because you simply can’t match the sound quality and comfort with buds.

The best overall is Bose. For awhile Bose has been known to produce high quality headphones and speakers. Their Soundlink Wireless II headphones bring the best the company has to offer without getting into the studio headphone price range (they’re on sale right now too - saving you $70).

The ear pads are ridiculously comfortable, they feel well built when holding them, and the sound is incredibly balanced – which is honestly our favorite feature. A lot of headphones on the market disguise quality by simply boosting the bass. These don’t go overboard with the bass, but it’s certainly there.

BBQ Items

Father’s Day and grills go hand in hand, so its fitting that finding that a bbq themed gift will go a long way.

There’s a lot of different ways you can approach this. If you have some money to drop, maybe give dad an upgrade to his grill. If you’re looking to spend a bit less, then some nice bbq tools can mean a lot.

Another idea is to get some nice cuts of meat dad doesn’t usually splurge on –maybe some nice lamb chops or some tomahawk steaks. He’ll get to savor the gift while getting to exercise his grilling skills.

Our Top Pick – 13-piece BBQ Tool Set


This is the perfect gift for any dad that can use a bit of a helping hand out on the grill. This complete set really has all the tools your dad needs – and a few more incase he wants to expand into new BBQ territory. With this set, you’re sure to not miss out on anything he needs.

It all comes in a handy apron with a whole bunch of pockets. In fact, there are enough pockets to hold all of the tools in this set. Honestly, we don’t see a sane person carrying around every single BBQ tool they could ever need at all times, but it can act as a sort of storage after he’s done – making him a bit more of an organized griller.


If your dad is a handy man type, then a new set of tools is a great gift that will add tremendous value to his life.

There’s a lot of top-quality tools out there that can last a lifetime. If you’re dad is a gear head, maybe go with a new rachet set, if he’s into carpentry, then

Our Top Pick – Urrea Heavy Duty Metal ToolBox


Buying the right tools can be a challenge and especially spendy. If you don’t have $400 to spend on a power tool kit, the next best gift would be the place to hold the tools he already has.

We especially like this box. First, it can fit and organize both hand tools and power tools, its portable, and its metal. We like the metal because it’s a bit classier (especially with the bright red paint). It is a bit heavier than the heavy-duty plastic boxes out there, but because this box isn’t too large, we don’t think that’s a problem.

Plus, it’s $40 price point gives you some financial wiggle room to buy some tools and package them inside if you’d like.

Movie or TV Show Sets

Chances are, there’s a series of films or a tv show that your dad absolutely enjoys, and chances are that there’s a box set for them too. If there’s a series, there’s probably a nice set. In fact, here’s some of our favorites to help spark your imagination:

• The Godfather

• Indiana Jones

• Dexter

• Top Gear

• Clint Eastwood Films

• Alien

• Game of Thrones

• Scrubs

• The Lord of the Rings


While you can go completely digital with this gift, we think that a tangible box set just adds a bit more weight to the gift. It’s nice to hold things you own, especially when they’re gifts.

However, it’s really is the content that matters. Whatever format you choose dad will love it.

Our Top Pick: The Skywalker Sage


There’s hardly a more iconic franchise out there. 9 films from 3 trilogies (excluding Rogue One and Solo) creating joy for fans for over 40 years. There’s been a number of Star Wars sets released over the years, but we can firmly say this is one of the best.

There is 27 blu ray discs (really) in total packed with bonus features and behind the scenes goodies. There’s an artbook, a beautiful steel case, and digital codes in case you don’t want to unpack the whole thing every time you want to watch a movie.

It is spendy, and with the Star Wars license firmly in Disney’s hands there will certainly be more films to come, but for a Star Wars dad its hard to come up with a gift that will give them more joy this Father’s Day.

A More Budget Friendly Star Wars Idea – Autographed Photo


If the idea of spending $250 on a box set is a bit out of reach, but you’d still love to get an original Star Wars themed gift, then check out Star Wars Authentics.

They specialize in autographed high-quality Star Wars photographs spanning the movies, games, and tv shows. Autographed photos can start at the $50 range and go up from there (depending on rarity and character). Plus, you can nab 5% cash back when you go through us.

Spirits or an Accessory

Maybe your dad enjoys a nice lager on a summer night, or maybe an aged whiskey in a study is his vibe, whatever he’s into, a nice bottle of whatever makes a great gift for Father’s Day.

There’s a lot of options to choose from, so take your time with this, maybe ask him a few questions about his taste. If you’re under 21, then there are still plenty of supplement gifts for you to choose from.

Our Top Pick – JoyJolt 2-piece Whiskey Glasses


An accessory to beer or liquor is a much safer gift in case you don’t know your dad’s exact taste. Plus, you don’t have to be 21 to buy it.

We narrowed it down to a set of whiskey glasses due to their timeless and classy nature. Whiskey glasses can go from very cheep to spendy beyond belief. We felt that the best value for Father’s Day would be this JoyJolt 2-piece set. It’s a clean design, comes in a set of 2 (which is all you need; a set of 9 is overkill) and it feels good in your hand.

The icing on the cake is that this is on sale now. Normally $65 this set is available for $35.99. If you’re looking for a classy gift that’s a great deal for Father’s Day then this is it.

Outdoor Gear

If your dad spends his weekends and vacation time getting outside as much as possible, then outdoor gear for father’s day is where you should lean.

If your dad is a hardcore mountain man, then getting him gear to face the elements is best. If he enjoys spending time on the golf course, then maybe a new club or some nice gloves will do the trick.

The great part about shopping for an outdoorsy dad on father’s day is that there are so many great and useful items to choose from.

Our Top Pick – Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool


No matter if you have a hiker, fisher, camper, or any other outdoor fanatic, a multitool can come in handy. Leatherman is a high quality brand that has specialized in making multi-tools for decades.

We like the Wingman model the most because its lightweight, high quality, and cheaper than other models. Other models certainly come with more tools - but we think that the smaller amount is actually a great thing. For one, the tools it comes with are more than adequate. Its hard to think of a task where you’d need something this lacks. Consequently, the smaller number of appendices is what helps cut down on the weight and overall bulkiness – a big plus in our book.

If you want a tool with more bells and whistles, Leatherman can accommodate but for a higher price. For the money, we don’t believe you’ll find a better value out there, making this a great gift for any father.

Sports Jersey

While this year sports have been on hold, your dad ‘s passion for his favorite team probably hasn’t subsided in the least. Father’s Day is the perfect time to fan these flames and get him something that he can show his team spirit with.

While there are a lot of sports teams apparel out there, we think that the jersey really hits it out of the park. Jerseys can show off your dad’s sportsmanship a bit more than a hat or water bottle can whether he’s watching the game on tv or is sitting in a stadium.

Our Top Pick – [Your Dad’s Favorite Team Here]


Obviously since the [insert team name here] is [enter sport here]’s best team in existence, it seems fitting that we chose their team jersey for our top pick.

We know drawing a hard line in the world of sports is controversial, but we stand by our decision. After all, they do have [insert all-star player here] who lead the [sports team here] to victory in the [year and title of championship].

And who could forget the incredible contribution of [insert legendary coach here] who changed the way [insert sport here] was played due to their [insert admirable quality and/or achievement].

We certainly couldn’t.

Grooming Gear

Whether your dad has a burley beard, a Superman type do, or no hair at all, they probably have their own unique grooming routine.

A nice new electric razor, some beard care goodies, or a collection of awesome smelling products will always be welcome.

We love gifts that are especially useful and personal and grooming goodies can really hit home here. You can really take the time to get something personal, although being a bit adventurous and getting something outside of the norm will probably also be appreciated.

Our Top Pick – BirchBox Subscription


Subscription boxes are gifts that keep on giving. For $10 a month, BirchBox sends a personalized kit to your dad’s door every month. The contents are usually samples of different products but are customized based on his skin and hair type.

For the money, this is a great value gift that lets your dad try new things and find a few new favorites.

High Quality Clothes

The key with buying dad some clothing for father’s day comes from getting something that will last awhile. No matter if he’s an office guy or outside every day, there’s clothing out there to fit his look and lifestyle.

If he’s the business sort, then a nice tie can go far. A bit cliché for father’s day gifts, but for good reason.

There’s also a plethora of nice shirts, jackets, and shoes of all kinds to pick from. Pick a category, then choose something dad needs or will get extensive use out of. The world is your oyster here.

Our Top Pick – Eddie Bauer Short-Sleeve Button Shirt


When we talk about value, we combine price with quality. As a brand, Eddie Bauer has consistently produced high quality clothing that doesn’t break the bank. With the sun out, we went with this Ventatrex short-sleeve shirt.

Its casual enough for everyday wear, but thanks to the collared design it’s ready to pull out for that family reunion or company bbq. There are a few different colors to choose from, but the blue or grey would look good on anyone.

What we also love is the price. Normally $70, this shirt is on sale for $49, saving you $20.

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