10 Must-Have Kids & Toys Products to Buy for 2019

Kids and Toys

Black Friday 11/11/19 (PDT)

Black Friday shopping is a time for the best deals, and we’re going to provide the hottest items to buy for the holiday season.
Get the latest kids and toys products to buy on Black Friday that your children will love while saving cash this holiday season. We’re excited to present to you the hottest selling products in Kids and Toys that you won’t want to miss.

1. Marvel Legends Series Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Mark LXXXV Figure

If you’ve watched the last Avengers movie, you know what happens to Iron Man. Don’t miss the chance for your child to get an Iron Man collectible figurine, as this item will be red hot!
Every Iron Man fan will want to get their hands on this collectible item before it sells out. Suitable for ages 4 and up.
Don’t hesitate, as this Iron Man has a chance to disappear quickly, never to be heard from again!


2. Star Wars Lightsaber Academy Interactive Lightsaber

Star Wars will never be out of style, including its lightsabers. There are various types from many different price ranges, but this is a fun lightsaber that will keep your kids entertained. Appropriate for ages 6 and up.
The Star Wars Interactive Lightsaber has excellent sound effects and lights, which add to a riveting experience as if they were in the movies.
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3. L.O.L. Surprise!

Want to know what the latest craze is for kids toys? It’s L.O.L Surprise!
You may or may not have heard of it, but it’s rapidly gaining popularity with kids around the world. These dolls alone have their own series on YouTube with 1 million subscribers and 442 million views since 2016!
These dolls are cute, small, and will remind you Bratz dolls, but adorable as if they were mixed with Hello Kitty.
These dolls sell FAST! Already on Target, there are some sold out, but possibly in stock for Black Friday, so do not miss this opportunity!
There are several dolls of different styles and pets! There are dollhouses and surprise packages for both dolls and pets. The dollhouses are $179.99 and are 3 feet high.
The dolls are $29.99 to $49.99. The surprise packages with either dolls or pets are roughly $14.99, $29.99, and $39.99. Suitable for ages 6 and up.
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4. Elsa Singing Doll – Frozen 2 – 11'

No one’s letting go of Elsa any time soon. The most influential fictional character, according to Time magazine in 2014 will once again be a hit, where she will be singing ahead of the anticipated movie Frozen 2.
Standing at 11 inches and for ages 3 and up, this Elsa Singing Doll is part of the Disney singing doll collection, and will sell out quick this holiday season, as with all Frozen gear.


5. NERF N-Strike Elite Disruptor Blaster

NERF is still around and still one of the best toys to get out there. Over the years, it seems as they have become more affordable yet more sophisticated, giving you a great reason to buy the NERF N-Strike Elite Disruptor Blaster this Black Friday.
It’s a NERF gun that can shoot up to 90 feet with 6 elite darts. The best thing about the NERF N-Strike Elite Disruptor Blaster?


6. Hanna Anderson Pajamas Family Set

There’s nothing like family fun during the holidays, and the best way is the get the Hanna Anderson Pajamas Family Set, where you and your kids can match while staying warm for the holidays!
There are various sets to choose from, such as:
  ● Star Wars Holiday
  ● Gnome Sweet Gnome
  ● Mom + Me Marvel’s Captain Marvel
  ● Disney Mickey Mouse Collection
  ● Peanuts Collections
  ● And more!
Either choose a theme from your favorite movie or be in traditional holiday gear with the Hanna Anderson Pajamas Family set this Black Friday.
There are over 51 sets to choose from coming with all sizes for everyone in the family, including babies.
There are various superheroes, such as Batman and Wonder Woman. For Star Wars lovers, there are four different sets to choose from!
If you want to stay in the holiday spirit, there is the Gingerbread, The Grinch, Snowy Cottages, Dear Deer, and lots more to select from. You’ll be busy browsing for the best one for your family from Hanna Anderson’s website.
There is various price ranges for each pajama depending on the person, ranging from $30.80 to $82.60.
Shop at Hanna Anderson through us at RebatesMe and gain up to a 3% cash back reward! Don’t miss the chance to bring your family together this holiday season with the Hanna Anderson Pajamas Family Set.


7. Pokemon Sword & Shield for Nintendo Switch

Pokemon has been around for a long time, as their games are addicting, no matter how bad the show gets!
From Game Boy to Nintendo 3DS—fast forward, and now we’re on Nintendo Switch, where Pokemon Sword and Shield will be the latest handheld game wanted by all ages—even adults! Pokemon has come along way since Pokemon Red and Blue, as this will be the eighth generation of the Pokemon video games series. The last generation was released in 2016 with Pokemon Sun and Moon.
The release of Pokemon Sword and Shield was announced in February 2019, meaning the anticipation will be high, with the extreme risk of the games being sold out. Pokemon Sword and Shield will be on many people's Christmas list this holiday season, so don’t wait!
Buy Pokemon Sword and Shield for Nintendo Switch for $59.99 from Best Buy through RebatesMe, and receive up to 7% in cash back rewards!


8. Hatchimals WOW 32" Interactive Hatchimal Blind Pack with Re-Hatchable Egg – Llalacorn

Have you ever seen a 32-inch llama appear out of an egg?
You will after you purchase the Hatchimals WOW! Interactive Hatchimal. It’s fun for kids, as the Hatchimal can also re-hatch from the egg provided.
The Llalcorn (llama and unicorn) is fuzzy and cute, appropriate for ages 5 and up. The toy has 10 different surprise modes and has over 250 sounds, keeping your child entertained for hours.
This cuddly Hatchimal will be desired by many kids this Black Friday, with its versatility and appearance.


9. LEGO Harry Potter - Hogwarts Clock Tower

It was only on July 1st 2018 LEGO Harry Potter returned and became an instant hit with new sets such as “Hogwarts Castle” and “Hogwarts Great Hall.” At that time, LEGO introduced 11 sets that were desired by all ages, not just kids, as millennials grew up loving Harry Potter too.
Now released since June 1st, 2019, comes the third revival series of LEGO Harry Potter sets, including the Hogwarts Clock Tower. Suitable for ages 9 and up.
Out of the 8 new LEGO Harry Potter sets, the Hogwarts Clock Tower will be the hottest selling set this holiday season for Harry Potter fans. It comes with 8 mini figures and is based on the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
Do not hesitate to get the next LEGO Harry Potter classic set, the Hogwarts Clock Tower.
Currently it’s $89.99, which is a steal, considering the Hogwarts Castle is $399! Buy this LEGO Harry Potter set from LEGO through us at RebatesMe and receive up to 3% cash back.


10. Sky Viper DASH Nano Drone

Drones have become incredibly popular today, whether it’s for photography, videos, or for fun.
However, many professional drones are expensive, and they aren’t toys, which makes many kids sad that they can’t play with their parents' $1,000-dollar drone.
Luckily this Black Friday, there’s a drone that won’t bust your budget and is suitable for ages 12 and up. It’s the Sky Viper DASH Nano Drone, which comes with dual flight mode and eight one-touch stunts.
Drones will be a hot commodity for both adults and kids this holiday season, as the demand increases for these flying gadgets.
This drone for kids is only $17.99. Buy this drone from Target through us and receive up to 1.5% cash back.


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