How to Save Money at Macy's

The Ultimate Savings Guide

Evan M. 07/09/20 (PDT)

If you're looking for every secret offer Macy's has to offer, you've come to the right place. Here, we break down their major sales events, discounts, and reward offerings so that you can make your dollar go further at this mega-retailer.

Sales Events & Coupons

Macy’s has several sales events and coupon offers throughout the year. Coupons are the most fickle, as they change on a weekly basis. Sales events can come and go too, but there are some consistencies with those.

Over the course of the year, there are several sales events you can pre-plan for. These will offer you the highest percentage off on almost everything store-wide.

Here are the Macy’s sales to look out for.

One Day Sale

Every month, Macy’s hosts a One Day Sale where you can find some amazing deals. The date changes, but usually it’s held around the third weekend of the month. Also, contrary to its name, the One-Day Sale actually lasts for 2. Giving you a bit more time to grab a deal.

Macy’s Black Friday in July (and just the Black Friday Sale too)

Macy’s Black Friday sale is actually a kind of semi-annual sale, as its offered in July and November. In July, it usually occurs during the first or second week. For the normal Black Friday sale, it’s usually the week of Black Friday.

Both can get you deals on just about everything, but the July event will be more focused on summer time goods, so things like sandals, summer clothes, outdoor gear, and more.

Friends & Family Sale

The Friends & Family Sale is another Macy’s sale that happens semi-annually; usually in April and December. Traditionally, Macy’s offers a 30% off promo code that can be applied to almost anything – including designer items.

Special Discounts & Subscriptions

Macy’s offers a few discounts to selected groups, such as for military members and employees. On top of that, they have a beauty subscription service that provides makeup fans some great value too.

Student Discount

Macy’s doesn’t offer students a discount. The retailer does offer a military discount, and has rotating coupons, promos, and other savings opportunities throughout the year – but nothing specifically aimed at students.

Employee Discount

Macy’s offers a 20% employee discount that they call an “associate discount”. It can be used both online and in-store at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s stores for most merchandise. Additionally, Macy’s also has a 10% discount on some of its more expensive items – such as electronics.

Employees of Macy’s can also add up to 4 friends or family members to their account.

There’s a caveat to this, people outside of immediate family members will be subject to taxation.

Macy’s Military Discount

Macy’s has a military discount between 10 and 15% off that’s available for any current or past service members. The discount is applied on top of the total purchase amount and can often be combined with other promotions and offers.

There are 2 major limitations though.

1. The discount is not available for online purchases

2. It can only be applied on the first Tuesday of the month

Macy’s Beauty Box: Subscription

Starting in 2020, Macy’s began offering a Beauty Box Monthly Subscription that provides members 6 premium beauty samples per month as well as $5 off any Macy’s beauty purchase. The subscription is $15 per month and includes a pouch to hold your makeup.

The value of this subscription comes from the quality of the samples. These are usually high-end and luxury brands and products. For example, in February of 2020, they included a Lancôme Idôle perfume that retails at $123.

Of course, the sample size is much smaller than the full-size variant, but with 6 samples total, that $15-per month fee gets made up quickly.

Loyalty Program & Rewards Cards

Macy’s has quite a few reward programs for users. There’s the Star Rewards club that functions like a typical loyalty program, and then there’s Macy’s Money which acts like a sort of cash back service, and lastly there’s the Macy’s Credit Card with its own reward structure.

Star Rewards

Macy has a loyalty program known as Star Rewards that’s closely tied to their credit card offerings. Like a typical reward program, the more you spend the higher the reward tier you become part of and the better the rewards. The difference with Star Rewards is that the higher tiers are only available to Macy’s Cardholders.

There are 4 total tiers. Bronze, Silver, Platinum, and Gold. Bronze is available to everyone and no purchase amount is necessary to qualify.

The other levels are only available if you have a Macy’s Credit Card and each tier has an annual minimum purchase amount you need to hit before you can upgrade tiers. Those amounts are:

Reward Tier Annual Spending Amount

• Bronze -- None

• Silver -- $1 - $499

• Gold -- $500 - $1,199

• Platinum -- $1,200+

Macy’s Credit Card

Macy’s offers 2 different types of credit cards, the Macy’s Credit Card; which can only be used at Macy’s stores, and the American Express Card, which can be used anywhere American Express is accepted. Both qualify for Star Rewards Benefits, but only the American Express card has additional benefits for outside purchases.

Sign Up Rewards

The Macy’s Card sign up bonus as of 2020 is 25% off your total purchase for the first 2 days after you’ve been approved.

Card members are also automatically enrolled in the silver tier for the Star Rewards program, giving them instant access to these perks:

• 2% Back on Macy’s purchases

• “Star Money Bonus Days” rewards

• Birthday Month savings offers

• Other limited time offers

Macy’s American Express Rewards

Along with the Star Rewards perks, American Express Macy’s card holders can enjoy these other rewards:

• 1% rewards on every purchase

• 2% rewards at gas stations and supermarkets

• 3% rewards in restaurants

These percentages of rewards come in the form of reward points. Instead of getting 2% cash back at supermarkets, you instead get 2% of your total purchase in Macy’s rewards points.

One point = 1 penny

For example, a $100 supermarket shopping trip will get you 2% in rewards. That translates to $2 or 200 points.

Once you earn 1,000 points, you’ll be eligible for $10 in Macy’s Money (more on that right below).

Macy’s Money

Macy’s Money is a cash reward program that gives you money back after you spend a certain amount. For example, when you spend $50, you’ll receive $10. This money is loaded directly onto a Macy’s Money card and can only be used at Macy’s stores. Unlike coupons and promo codes however, there are no exclusions.

Freebies & Other Opportunities

There are a few other neat tricks and offers that Macy’s has that can save you some money if you use them effectively.

Price Match

Macy’s does price match, but only with their own stores. So if you find something cheaper at another store or online, Macy’s will match that price.

Taking advantage of the online price matching will be the most effective and easies to implement. This is because there are often more deals offered online than in-stores. So before making a purchase, simply check your phone to see if there’s a cheaper price online.

Macy’s App

The Macy’s App is hub for every promo code, coupon, and deal that the retail giant offers. Since there are so many offers going on constantly, it makes it easy to sort through the latest and most appropriate ones for you.

The Clearance Rack

Most Macy’s stores will have a clearance rack where you can find goods for up to 80% off. Most clearance items are surplus or off-season items. While the deals can be outstanding, because its simply what the retailer has left, it can be hard to find the sizes and styles you really want.

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