Mother's Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms

A Guide for Adventure Loving Moms

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These are gifts for that mom who loves nature. The person who can’t wait to get outdoors and explore, travel, and play. With a focus on being rugged, durable, and highly adaptable, these gifts are geared towards outdoorsy mom’s everywhere.

L.L. BEAN: Women’s Trail Rain Jacket


L.L. Bean has created a lightweight yet durable jacket that’s perfect for keeping out the elements. Its lightweight nature makes it extremely breathable – perfect for hiking, biking, or other outdoor activities. It’s slightly fitted which means it fits fine by itself, or you can put it over a light jacket for added warmth.

Key Features:

• Three-point adjustable hood

• Made from 100% recycled nylon

• Machine washable

SMARTWOOL: Women’s Margarita Light Hiking Crew Socks


One of the most durable, stylish, and popular hiking socks on the market. These are a wool and nylon- mix, making them water resistant yet soft and comfortable. As far as hiking socks go, these are lightweight. Great for hikes in both warm and slightly cool weather. They are also great for just wearing around the house too.

Key Features:

• Crew length

• Elasticized arch for more secure fit

• Comes in 6 styles

PENDLETON: Yakima Camp Blanket


Perfect for anyone that loves camping. A Pendleton wool camping blanket is a high quality, warm and rugged outdoor blanket that will last for years and years. Wool is naturally water and fire resistant. It’s also incredibly insulated, keeping the wind and cold away from you.

It’s perfect for cuddling up by a fire or getting some extra warmth on a chill night. Wool isn’t the softest material in the world, but its rugged nature means its far better suited for the outdoors than other blankets.

Key Features:

• Water and flame resistant

• Highly durable

• Won’t stain easily

THE NORTH FACE: Women’s Borealis Backpack


Outdoor backpacks can be incredibly expensive, this Borealis Backpack strikes a good balance between utility and price. It’s perfect for short trips, biking, day excursions, or just everyday use. Its nylon making it water resistant and lightweight. It has a number compartments for internal storage, and an elastic bungee system for external storage.

Key Features:

• Removable waistbelt for support

• Breathable padded mesh straps

• Padded laptop compartment

GERBER: Needlenose Multi-Tool


A multitool is so useful. They are light, compact, and can help out in almost any situation. For camping enthusiasts, they are a must have. Multi-tools are also great around the house. Gerber is a trusted brand that produces some of the best around too.

Key Features:

• 4.92” Closed

• 14 tools

• Stainless steel

YETI: Rambler 36oz Water Bottle


Any adventurer needs a good water bottle, and the Yeti is one of the best out there. Its simple, durable, and comes in 5 colors. One of the best features, believe it or not, is the wide opening. This doesn’t seem like much, but it makes cleaning, filling, and drinking so much easier.

Its also heavily insulated making it perfect for hot and cold beverages. 36oz is also a nice size. A bit bigger than the average 20 oz bottles out there, but not so big that carrying it around becomes a hassle.

Key Features:

• BPA Free

• Stainless Steel

• Wide opening

MERRELL: Women’s Siren Edge Hiking Shoe


Good shoes are a worthwhile investment. A good pair of shoes will last for years – saving you money in the long run. But more importantly, they will save your feet too. For a highly adaptable and comfortable hiking shoe, these Merrell’s fit the bill. Their short cut and simple lacing make them a breeze to take on and off. They aren’t super heavy either, meaning you can comfortably wear them all day outside.

Key Features:

• Breathable mesh

• Formed arches for better support

• Low cut

EDDIE BAUER: Fleece Shirt Jacket


Buying shirts that fit just right is always hard to do for someone else. It’s partially why we recommend this shirt jacket. It’s basically a heavier shirt that’s meant to be warn over another shirt, and so it’s meant to have a bit of wiggle room without appearing baggy.

For outdoor clothing, quality is everything, and Eddie Bauer won’t disappoint here. This is a shirt that can last for years to come and is perfect for almost any outdoor activity.

ENO: DoubleNest Hammock


There are fancier, cushier, and more expensive hammocks out there, but this one perfectly balances portability, durability, and comfort. It’s super lightweight at just over one pound, and it comes in bag that makes it idea for travel.

Its nylon material is surprisingly soft, but also waterproof and durable. This hammock can take a bit of a beating and still work great. It’s fast and easy to set up and can provide that extra bit of comfort you crave during an outdoor adventure. This DoubleNest is designed for 2 people, but you can also get a Single nest for 1 person that’s a bit smaller (and cheaper).

Key Features:

• Fits 2 people

• 1 lb 3 oz.

• Can hold up to 400 lbs

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