The 2021 Nike Shoe Release Guide

Top New Shoe Releases

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With a new year comes new Nike shoe releases! Nike has been busy and has quite the lineup ready to go this January.

From a few new Lebron styles, to a couple re-imaginations from shoes long gone, this year is looking to be an amazing one for Nike fans around the globe.

Top New Nike’s Releasing in 2021

Nike is consistent when it comes to the release time of its shoes. You can expect each of these shoes to drop at 10:00 a.m. ET for all the release dates listed below.

LeBron 18 “Christmas in LA”

Release: December 30, 2020

Price: $225 - Shop Now

An early New Year gift. The shoes Lebron James wore during the Lakers vs Dallas game on Christmas will become available on the 30th of December.

These are designated as “Lebron 18” which represents his lengthy 18-year career in the NBA and come in a deep Christmas red adorned with white snow-like specs. As far as popularity goes, these are poised to be one of the biggest releases of the New Year and are certain to sell out fast.

LeBron 8 Lakers

Release: December 30, 2020

Price: $200 - Shop Now

Released for a limited time 10 years ago, the LeBron 8 Lakers shoe is back – and as before are expected to only be on shelves for a short time.

The Lebron 8 rocks the iconic and bold Lakers color scheme with a deep purple body and iconic gold swoosh and trim. You can also spot the LeBron debossed logo on the inside.

Space Hippie 03 “Healing Jade”

Release: January 1, 2021

Price: $180 - Shop Now

Nike’s Space Hippie line is focused completely on sustainability. Made from recycled shoes and materials (as noted by its marketing slogan “This is Trash”), you get one of the most carbon-neutral shoes out there.

Following the same steps as the Space Hippie 01 and 02, the 03 variant shows off the same grey knitted top, bright contrasting straps, and a speckled sole.

Nike Waffle Racer Crater

Release: January 6, 2021

Price: $100 - Shop Now

The Nike Waffle Racer Crater is another shoe with an emphasis on sustainability. The sole is manufactured with the same recycled material and process as the Nike Space Hippie line. It comes in one color, and that is the “Triple Black” pictured above.

Blazer Mid 77 – Recycled Wool

Release: January 7, 2021

Price: $100 - Shop Now

Another sustainably focused shoe release for 2021. The Blazer Mid 77 has been a popular sneaker and one of Nike’s best sellers for years now.

The recycled wool gives the swoosh and tongue its one-of-a-kind marbled look, while the soles are slightly speckled which is now seemingly standard for a sustainable Nike shoe.

Dunk High

Release: January 7, 2021

Price: $110 - Shop Now

The 2021 Dunk High will come in two different colors, “Football Grey” (as pictured above) and “Vast Grey”.

If you keep reading below, you’ll notice that Nike also is releasing a “Dunk Low” this year as well. Same iconic silhouette but with a shorter ankle.

Dunk Low

Release: January 7, 2021

Price: $100 - Shop Now

The close cousin of Nike’s Dunk High line, the Dunk Low has a much lower cut but maintains the same style and look as its taller counterpart.

These will come in three different colored trims. Black (as pictured above), Coastal (light blue), and University Red.

Air Force 1 “I Believe”

Release: January 9, 2021 Asia Only – US release date TBD

Price: $100

The “I Believe” was originally a Japan exclusive created to commemorate the Japanese team in the 2002 FIFA World Cup. In 2021, the same style is being released across Asia with a few design tweaks that make it stand out from the original.

The most notable is the fact that you can peel the paint off the outside to reveal a unique red Daruma themed layer underneath.

While it’s currently scheduled to hit Asian markets on January 9th, there’s no release date for the US quite yet.

Air Force 1 Low “Raygun”

Release: January 15, 2021

Price: $110 - Head to Nike

The Air Force 1 variant in the new Raygun collection – a collection spawning from a fictional basketball team during a Nike ad campaign in 2002.

This version sports a classy white body with black, yellow, and orange trim on the back all on top of the low-cut Air Force 1 signature style.

Blazer Mid “Raygun”

Release: January 15, 2021

Price: $110 - Head to Nike

The Blazer Mid is one of Nike’s most popular lines thanks to it’s timeless clean look, high ankle, and large swoosh.

This one is getting the “Raygun” collection touch, but definitely a more subtle one compared to others in the collection. With simple gold stitching, a gold swoosh, and a red backed ankle, this is one clean design.

Kyrie Irving “Raygun”

Release: January 15, 2021

Price: $130 - Head to Nike

Kyrie Irving is probably the most anticipated version to come out of the new “Raygun” collection.

The black, orange, white, and gold come together to make one of the most eye-catching designs out of any Kyrie Nike on the market.

LeBron 18 “Candy Colors”

Release: January 15, 2021

Price: TBD

Nike decided to give the Lebron 18’s a completely unique look with this variant. Sporting a cotton-candy like pink top and translucent orange entangled in the sole and tongue, this shoe definitely lives up to it’s “candy color” name.

There’s no price point currently available, but based on the LeBron 18 Christmas variant, we’re betting you can expect somewhere along the $180 - $200 price line.

Nike Air Max 90 “Spruce Lime”

Release: January 25, 2021

Price: $160 - Head to Nike

The newest edition to the Air Max 90 line, the “Spruce Lime” brings the same quality and expected silhouette as the other Air Max 90’s, while sporting a fresh lime swoosh tucked neatly behind an aqua trim.

Nike Fontanka Edge

Release: January 27, 2021

Price: $100 - Head to Nike

A bold new style for 2021, the Nike Fontanka Edge is rocking a unique heel style, a low-cut ankle, and marble-like insoles. Combine these factors with a black and grey color scheme, and you get a shoe that looks like it was formed out of lava rock.

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