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Evan M. 06/22/20 (PDT)

Nike’s a premium athletic brand, no doubt about that, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save some money when you shop for their gear online. Nike has plenty of coupons, discounts, and little savings bonuses that can get you more while costing you less.

Here’s a breakdown of all of these saving opportunities, and more.

All Nike Rewards Offered

• Coupons and Sales Events

• Discounts

• Loyalty Programs

• Other Ways to Save

Coupons and Sales Events

Official Promos

Nike constantly runs sales events and offers coupons and promo codes. It has an official page where you can explore their latest deals and promotions. These offers do change quite frequently, and there’s no real guarantee that a sales event one year will happen (e.g. holiday specials, annual sales, etc.).

A somewhat consistent pattern is that a lot of the major sales events happen off-season. For example, If you look for basketball shoes after the season has ended then you’ll probably find a great deal.

Third Party Coupons

Nike also gives out third party coupons and special promotions all the time. These are often given out on a whim and can have better deals than what Nike offers.

These are a bit tricky to find mostly because it's difficult to determine if a coupon is actually still active - leading towards a bit of trial and error.

Cash Back

Cash back (or rebate) sites like ours can often guarantee you’ll get a percentage of your money back no matter when you shop. An added benefit of these rebates is that you can usually use them on top of coupons and other sales events.

Two things to keep in mind is that these rates change often (but are rarely eliminated altogether), and that the rewards aren't instant.

Check out our current cash back rate and coupons to see how much you can get back now. Often, we have limited-time increased amounts or even double cash back on our Deals Page. These can change daily but can provide the absolute best rates online.

Student Discount

Nike has a generous student discount. If you’re a college student at an accredited institution, you can get 20% off at once every 30 days.

Previously the shoe behemoth only offered 10% to students – so take advantage of this doubled rate while you can. Each code given can only be used once, so you have to apply again every month.

All student’s that apply for the discount have to verify their student status before a promo code will be given. Sometimes that means providing your course schedule or a student id.

You can check out SheerID’s complete FAQ for all the details on eligibility.


Not every item on Nike’s site is available for a student discount. Each item will have terms that will clearly outline if you a discount will work or not. Generally, these types of items don’t apply:

• Exclusive items

• New releases

• Sales items

• Gift cards

Once in a blue moon these items will be eligible (never gift cards), so it might still be worth checking out – especially for more expensive goods.

Military Discount

Nike’s military discount is similar to its student discount but offered more frequently. If you are an active or retired member of the military, you can get a 20% off code up to 4 times every 30 days.

Nike uses SheerID to verify your current or existing status in the military. Sometimes this means providing official documentation. Periodically, Nike might ask for confirmation of eligibility, but this happens infrequently.

For all the details on how this works, you can check out SheerID’s military FAQ.


Most items are available for a military discount. Major exclusions are usually for exclusive or new releases (though not always).

Nike partner goods are also not eligible. For example, even though Nike partners with Apple on a lot of tech and workout products, those items are ineligible.

Terms do change, so check first in the items description before you make a purchase.

Employee Discount

Nike has employee discounts that change depending on where you work and what you do. Usually this is something like 40% off in stores and online.

The most current offering will be detailed in the benefits package the company gives you when you join. When employees want to buy something online, they have to use the online employee store known as Swoosh. It's available through the Nike app as well, and only employees will have login credentials to access this store.

There are brick-and-mortar Employee Stores spread across the country as well where employees can explore and try on the latest gear while getting their discount.

Guest Passes

What’s neat about these stores it that employees can sometimes give out guest passes that friends can use. If you're an immediate family members or spouse then you can actually get unlimited access to the employee store.

It’s also good to note that sometimes Nike will give away employee store one-time passes to the public at random. This is usually done around some sort of promotional event or through one of their apps.

Birthday Discount

Nike does offer a birthday discount for people who sign up for an account. During your birthday month, Nike will email you a promotional code. In the past, this has been anything from 25% off any order to $20 off any purchase of $100 or more.

By signing up for, you’re actually signing up to become a Nike Member, it’s free and technically part of a larger batch of rewards the company gives out for free. We go over all of those immediately below.

Nike Loyalty Programs

Nike Membership

Nike does have a loyalty program of sorts. The company rewards people who become Nike Members. Joining is free and rewards include typical things like deals and special offers, but the company tries to take this further by enhancing the overall user experience through it’s other programs and apps.

Here are all the perks you can get by becoming a Nike Member:

• Exclusive app access (Run Club, Training Club, SNKRS)

• First access to new styles and collections

• Birthday and other special event discounts

• Free shipping

• 60-day product trials

• Free returns

In the past, Nike has rewarded people who were using their apps actively (like the Nike Run Club app). You could earn rewards such as Apple Music subscriptions, customized product offers, access to the Headspace meditation app, and more.

A lot of these rewards were for NikePlus members, which has since been dissolved/absorbed by Nike Membership.

Other Ways to Save at Nike

Free Shipping, Trials, and Free Returns

Nike does have free shipping, but only for people who are Nike Members. With that also comes a trial period of 60 days and free returns.

We mentioned this previously under the Nike Member section, but it’s worth hitting home again.

The 60-day trial period is really the most valuable prospect here. Nike has so many products all with their own variations. It seems like each item has a slew of colors, styles, materials, fit, and more. This trial period really gives you the freedom to try and tailor your gear to fit your life at no added cost. For online shoppers, this can take a lot of the hesitation away from trying something new.

Nike Factory & Nike Clearance

Both Nike Factory and Nike Clearance stores offer Nike merchandise at discounted prices. However, they are not the same. Nike Factory has off-season, over produced, and unsold items some of which can be fairly new. Nike Clearance however is where you’ll find the best deals and sales because it has the oldest stock.

While it might seem like Nike Clearance is the go-to for savings, keep in mind that it’s much harder to find the styles and sizes you desire since it’s a hodgepodge of items from all over. Nike Factory’s will be a bit more accommodating but often come at a higher price point.

Nike Friends and Family Pass

Nike will often send members a 30% off your entire purchase code once every season (4 times per year). This is known as the Friends and Family Pass. If you're a member, keep an eye on your email or your Nike App since they do have expiration dates.

These passes can be used at:


• Nike Factory Stores

• Nike Clearance Stores

• Converse Clearance Stores

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