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Black Friday 11/19/19 (PDT)

Walmart’s reputation as the bargain-center of America stands true year-round, but Black Friday is where this reputation shines. Walmart’s no stranger to sales, and Black Friday allows the retail giant to slash prices on anything they can afford. So, like, most products.
This Black Friday will be no different, so grab your wallets and get ready! This list is your one-stop shop for all things Black Friday…well, for Walmart.

All About Electronics
Walmart may as well make a 4K TV the mascot of Black Friday, as the electronics department is the department people rush to during the holidays. Remember when 4K TVs were new and people would trample others in order to get the last Samsung 4K TV on the shelf? I do–I was the one trampled!
While being trampled remains a concern for Black Friday participants, you can avoid a trampled fate by shopping in online Black Friday. Even save some extra with our cash back!

Apple Airpods Pro
The Apple Airpods, while a long-lived meme, are great in-ear headphones that fit most ears, allow for portability, and utilize a long battery life. With the charging case, you won’t even need to plug anything in until the case itself runs out of juice, but that’ll take a while.
Apple recently released the Airpods Pro, but I don’t see it experiencing a deep sale this Black Friday since they’ll still be considered new. However, the regular Airpods remain a great option for most. 


The Samsung QN55 QLED 4K TV
Did you think I would leave 4K TVs off this list? The trampling didn’t hurt me that bad! Walmart loves their Samsung 4K TVs, and so do their customers, which is why I think the Samsung QN55 QLED TV will be one of, if not the, most popular TV pick this Black Friday.
While not being OLED, QLED hits pretty close, offering amazing color reproduction and accuracy. The most popular model, the 55”, is big enough for a normal-sized living room, so you don’t need to spend much in order to get the best picture for your TV.


The Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo released the Switch Lite a couple of months ago, and it’s been selling like hotcakes since then. In fact, Nintendo announced that they’ve already sold 1.95 million units. Safe to say the Switch lite is a pretty popular item. 
This popularity has extended into Black Friday, Walmart has several color variations of the Switch Lite and even a special Pokemon edition to accommodate the latest game Pokemon Sword & Shield.


The PlayStation 4 Slim
While we’re on the topic of video games, let’s talk about another console will be on sale: the PlayStation 4 Slim. Picking between the Slim and Pro was a difficult decision, but the Slim is the more…mainstream model. 
Not everyone needs a Pro. Remember, the Pro offers 4K gameplay, so unless you have a 4K display to hook it up to, you’re better off with the Slim. Consider the standard $299 price tag, and you have a console that’s bound to sell out on Black Friday.
The PS4 Slim may be cheap, but the countless hours of entertainment that’s there to gain from buying one are priceless.


The Fitbit Versa Smartwatch
Fitbit was one of the first popular smartwatches to come out in the early 2010’s, and while Apple and Samsung have taken it’s throne, Fitbit is still kicking, and their Versa smartwatch makes that clear.
With a 4-day battery life and water-resistant casing, the Fitbit Versa is perfect if you need a health-oriented smartwatch without spending over $200. After all, Fitbit was never one to break people’s banks with their products.
The Fitbit Versa even looks like the Apple Watch, so it’s still as fashionable as ever!


All About Smart Devices
Amazon Echo, Google Home, Phillips Hue: what do all of these have in common? If you guessed that they’re all smart-home devices, then you’d be correct! 
These devices don’t really change your lifestyle as much as they do help you improve it. Alexa’s great for ordering food or getting the weather without having to get up or use a phone. Phillips Hue is great for matching the ambience to the music I’m listening to or the movie I’m watching.
Point is, smart-home devices are great products to incorporate into your daily life, which is why I want to let you know about a few of them that you can nab during Black Friday.

The Google Nest Mini
The Amazon Echo made its mark when it was released a few years back, and ever since then, Google has been eager to claim the smart-home throne. How would they claim this throne? The Google Home, of course!
However, Google’s shifted their attention towards the Google Nest, specifically, the Google Nest Mini. Similar to the Echo Dot, the Google Nest Mini aims to be your smart-assistant that can be put anywhere.
The Google Nest Mini’s minimalistic aesthetic mixed with it’s small footprint means it’s perfect for any home, especially if the people in the home use Android devices.


The Google Nest Smart Doorbell
Speaking of Google Nest, why not mention the Google Nest Smart Doorbell? Yes, there is such a thing as a smart doorbell, and I wasn’t aware until two months before now!
If you’re wondering why you’d need a smart doorbell, take a moment and think about the potential threats that could be knocking on your door. The Nest Doorbell enlists the use of a camera, which allows you to view the face(s) of the person(s) knocking. 
Google’s all about physical security, and bundled with the Nest Mini, the Nest Doorbell will keep you safe while remaining convenient.


The Ring Security System
While we’re discussing Google, let’s talk about Ring, the smart home security system that now works with Google.
Ring sells bundles, such as their Ring Alarm 10-piece security kit, that allow you to keep an eye on all areas of your house without having to do actually patrol them. Also, Ring will send out an alarm if any intruder makes themselves known.
Now that Ring works with Google, setting the cameras and alarms up has never been easier, which is why Ring is currently the best home security system you can get. Well, consumer-grade security system.


All About Home Improvement
I could go on and on about the deals in the electronics department, but I want to carve out some time to talk about the products we use every day. The products we put in our living rooms, kitchens and garages.
That’s right! It’s time to talk about the popular home appliances that will be on sale for Black Friday (if they’re not on sale already).

The Shark ION Robot Vacuum S86
Vacuuming takes a lot of time that could be spent on more pressing matters, but with the existence of robot vacuums, you don’t need to waste your time anymore.
The Shark ION robot vacuum doesn’t do much different from its competition, though it does allow you to control it with wi-fi/Alexa (Amazon’s Echo). A robot vacuum may seem like a luxury purchase, but that’s why I recommend getting it on sale, and guess what? It’s about to be Black Friday!


The Dyson V8 Motorhead Origin Cord-Free Vacuum
If a robot vacuum doesn’t sound like something you’d be interested in, I recommend taking a look at the Dyson V8 vacuum. Why Dyson specifically? 
The Dyson V8 is cord-free, meaning there’s no worry about tangles or tripping, which is always a plus. Being cord-free and having a long-lasting battery, the Dyson V8 also allows you to cover a lot of ground in only a few minutes–no hassle when it comes to using it.
It’s lightweight too, so you can use it to vacuum hard-to-reach places as well, such as the top of a window sill. Overall, this product is definitely worth your attention, and it’s even already on sale.


The KitchenAid Classic Series Mixer
I used to think a mixer was a very…niche product that I would never need to own, but as it turns out, I was wrong. Very wrong. 
Forget needing to mix things on your own! Buying a mixer may seem like a waste of money, but if you can catch one on sale, then it’s money well spent! Not only will you save yourself a few bucks buying this mixer this Black Friday, but you’re saving your kitchen from potential messes.


The Ninja Air Fryer Max XL
Air fryers are, in my opinion, some of the most underrated appliances in history. With an air-fryer, frying food has never been easier! Yet, somehow, not many people I know use them.
If you’ve been thinking about trying an air fryer out this Black Friday, then why not pick up the Ninja Air Fryer Max XL? This air fryer promises 75% less fat in food versus traditional frying methods, all while being able to deliver up to 450 degrees of heated air.
The Ninja Air Fryer sits at an already-low price, so Black Friday will probably bring even lower prices. It’s worth it, I promise!


All About the Toys
Black Friday offers deals on electronics, smart-home devices, home improvements appliances and so much more, but that’s stuff only teens and adults want/need. What about the kids? Don’t they deserve to benefit from Black Friday sales?
The obvious answer is of course, which is why Walmart was kind enough to publish their own toy guide for Black Friday, so allow me to show you the three toys that will (probably) be the most popular.

The Disney Frozen II Arendelle Castle
Frozen II is out, and it’s been a massive hit (who knew?). Even though it’s been out a short while, this hasn’t stopped toy manufacturers, however, and Frozen II toys have already hit the market.
The Frozen II Arendelle Castle replica may be expensive, clocking in at $200, but for what you’re spending, you’re sure getting a lot of fun (at least for a kid).
The Frozen II Arendelle Castle offers the perfect amount for the price, so keep an eye out for that. If your kid is anything like my little sister, then they’ll love it. 


The P.J. Masks Headquarters Playset
P.J. Masks currently sits as one of the most popular kid’s shows on TV right now. At least, that’s what my sister would have you believe. Must be true, though, as I’ve been seeing a lot of toys based off the show, and one of them is perfect for kids who like their toys to have a replica-sort of feel.
The P.J Masks Headquarters Playset offers a lot of fun for any kid who enjoys the show, all for the low price of $88. Don’t sleep on this deal! Think about your kid and the fun they could have with this and the Frozen II Castle.


The LEGO Frozen II Castle Village Set
What better way to wrap up this section than with a LEGO set? For decades, LEGO has been the staple of childhood, from the moments a child follows the instruction manual all the way to them creating their own LEGO model with the parts they have left over.
With the Frozen II set, your kid can have two castles, one made out of plastic and the other made out of LEGO. While the LEGO one may not be as big as the Arendelle Castle, putting it together will give your kid the same amount of enjoyment. 


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