What Will Black Friday in 2020 Look Like

How COVID Changes Everything

Emma R. 10/16/20 (PDT)

In a COVID-19 world, Black Friday will look different in 2020 than ever before. This kick-off to holiday shopping is still on, but retailers are adapting to provide the best deals in the safest ways.

Black Friday 2020 is still happening on the day after Thanksgiving (November 27), yet shoppers are wondering what to expect, namely, will they be able to visit their favorite stores in person? Retailers are wondering how to best attract shoppers despite having a limited or non-existent in-store shopping experience.

Because many people are cutting back on costs due to COVID, securing Black Friday deals is more important for deal hunters now than ever before, but is the accompanying thrill of tracking down bargains lost if Black Friday moves entirely online?

No matter what your strategy is for Black Friday in a pandemic, it’s important to stay up to date on the safest and best ways to get the deals you want.

Is Black Friday Cancelled This Year?

Although Black Friday isn’t canceled, it is complicated. Stores are finalizing their plans for in-person and online sales, and that could all change quickly in the best interest of public health.

Some stores have already announced they will be closed on Thanksgiving, but whether they will be closed on Black Friday remains to be seen.

Sorry we're closed store sign

Stores Closed on Thanksgiving

Some of the most well-known brands in the country have chosen to close their stores on Thanksgiving instead of remaining open per usual. Here are a few notable stores whose doors will be closed for turkey day in order to make preparations for the big shopping holiday.

● Bed Bath & Beyond

● Best Buy

● Cabelas

● Costco

● Dick’s Sporting Goods

● Foot Locker

● Home Depot

● JCPenney

● Kohl’s

● Macy’s

● Office Depot/Office Max


● Sam’s Club

● Target

● Ulta

● Under Armour

● Walmart

● Williams Sonoma

Stores Closed on Black Friday

While many stores were quick to state that they will be closed on Thanksgiving, no stores have announced yet that they will be closed on Black Friday. Many are waiting to share their Black Friday status until they know for sure how to best replicate the shopping experience customers crave.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the big shopping date approaches.

How COVID is Impacting Black Friday

Many stores have had to pivot their business models completely since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Retailers can no longer forecast people’s shopping habits in the same way, and this is especially true as Black Friday approaches.

Online shopping being done with a credit card

Black Friday is Moving Online

To provide the best access to Black Friday savings, retailers like Walmart and Macy’s are making their in-store deals available online as well. Shopping online for Black Friday is safest because it allows for shoppers to avoid gathering in crowds and contributing to a spike in Covid cases.

This year online Black Friday shopping is also the easiest way to get the deals you’re searching for, all from the comfort of your home without the time and health risks of going to shop in person.

Sales Dates are Being Extended

Stores have also opted to extend sales dates to give people ample time to get the items they’re looking for at the best prices. The main ways stores are doing this is through starting Black Friday discounts earlier and having them last longer.

Home Depot recently announced two months of deals both in-store and online starting in November.

Bed Bath & Beyond is another retailer that is starting sales early, running both daily and weekly specials in November and December.

And Walmart just recently announced that Black Friday will be extended for 3 days.

Extending Black Friday sales will hopefully decrease the number of people shopping in stores while maximizing the deals that shoppers can access throughout the holiday season.

Curbside Pick-Up Will Be Big

Curbside pickup is another way that retailers are bringing Black Friday deals to customers. Target has made a large portion of its inventory available for curbside pickup to give shoppers more flexibility in how they choose to receive their items.

Customers can buy online and then set up a time for curbside pickup at their local retailer. This could be helpful for shoppers who want to receive their items quickly.

Increase in Social Media Giveaways & Promotions

To keep customers connected to sales and updated on their favorite products, retailers are relying on social media more than ever before. Instagram and Facebook feeds are the new sales papers, giving followers first access to sales and new products.

Social media giveaways are expected to be more prominent as well, so following your favorite stores and brands online is one of the easiest ways to increase your chances of scoring the best Black Friday deals.

In-Store Shopping Will Be Very Different

Shopping in stores on Black Friday will look vastly different this year, with it still being a possibility that in store shopping might not happen at all due to Covid. Here are a few safety measures stores are taking for their in-person Black Friday shopping experiences.

People standing in line

No camping outside

In years past, shoppers would camp outside of stores for hours or days before sales to secure their place in line. This year, no camping will be allowed.

Bargain bins will be gone

Many stores had bins full of highly discounted products where you could wade through the contents in hopes of finding a steal. No bargain bins will be out this year in order to reduce touchpoints.

Overcrowding stores won’t be allowed

Stores will have a limit on the number of people allowed in at a time and social distancing guidelines will be enforced in order to eliminate overcrowding

In-store only deals will disappear

Retailers will no longer be offering in-store only sales in order to encourage people to shop online rather than looking for an exclusive in-store experience.

To have the safest Black Friday experience, the CDC still recommends you to not go out. Instead, it is recommended that the best way to grab deals during the season is to shop online - even if stores are open. The best Black Friday deals for 2020 after all, are just a click away.

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