7 Tips for Successful Cash Back Shopping

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Evan M. 02/19/21 (PDT)

Earning cash back online is easy but not flawless. Because of the site hopping, cookie management, human error, and other technical internet jargon, there’s plenty of situations that can occur that could lead to you missing out on some sweet cash back.

These situations are luckily pretty easy to avoid once you understand the basic rules for cash back shopping. To get you caught up on those, here are 7 easy tips to ensure you always get the cash back you deserve.

1. Make Sure Your Shopping Cart is Empty

Before you activate your cash back make sure that your shopping cart is empty. Not doing so may cause you to miss out on cash back for those things already sitting in your cart.

Remember, every store has a different checkout system in place. In order to set yourself up for success no matter where you shop, it’s simply best to add all of your items AFTER you activate your cash back through RebatesMe.

2. Complete Your Purchase in a Timely Manner

Anytime you login into an account online a timer usually starts. If you remain idle for too long, you automatically get signed off. Same principle applies to cash back. Remaining idle on a store page might cause your cash back to deactivate.

That doesn’t mean you have to check out IMMEDIATELY, but it does mean that you should finish the entire purchasing process within a reasonable amount of time – about 30-45 minutes after activating your cash back.

If you’re uncertain about a purchase and would like to read more reviews and do some more research, then by all means do so. Just make sure that you go through the cash backlink when you’re pretty certain you’ll make a purchase soon.

3. Never Close Your Browser During a Shopping Trip

Closing a store page or restarting a browser in the middle of a shopping trip is a good way to miss out on earning cash back.

Simply put, closing a page or browser essentially resets the tracking needed for you to get your rewards.

If you accidentally close a tab or lose connection to the internet anytime during a shopping trip, it’s best to re-activate your cash back by going back through RebatesMe before you finish checking out.

4. One Order per Cash Back Trip

Let’s say you finished making a successful cash back purchase. Right after you place your order, you remember you forgot something. You quickly add that item to your cart and check out a second time.

Later, you might find that you earned cash back on the first order, but not the second.

This is because some stores will reset your cash back status after you’ve finished a purchase. It doesn’t always happen, but just to be safe be sure to re-activate your cash back in case you need to make a second purchase in a day.

5. Do Not Use Outside Coupons or Promo Codes

While everyone loves a great deal, stores don’t let you endlessly stack coupons and promo codes on top of each other. This simple rule applies to cash back too. Generally, stores only allow 1 deal to be applied per order.

Therefore, applying a coupon or promo code at checkout might cancel out your cash back.

This is always the case with third-party coupons HOWEVER, sometimes offers offered through RebatesMe can be used in tandem with cash back! Giving you access to an even sweeter deal.

6. Keep Your Browser Cookies

Browser cookies are how we keep track of the cash back orders you make. Without cookies, we have no way of knowing if you made an eligible purchase or not.

Clearing your browser cookies will therefore remove the tracking necessary for earning cash back.

Additionally, ad blockers can also interfere with cash back tracking. It’s best to pause them all before you activate your cash back, until you’re shopping trip is complete.

7. Do not activate another cash back program’s link.

Many cash back shoppers use multiple cash back sites or money-saving browser extensions. These can conflict with each other, causing you to miss out on the deal you really want in case you have multiple programs active.

So whatever you do, don’t activate more than 1 cash back program’s deal or offer at a time.

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