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Evan M. 12/10/20 (PDT)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are noted as being the single most recognizable shopping holidays, but that doesn’t mean the saving season is over once these events have passed by.

In fact, there’s one more major event to check out before most holiday celebrations begin – and that’s the Double 12 Sale.

Double 12 Sale for 2020

Double 12 is happening on December 12th. Here at RebatesMe that means insanely good cash back rates and exclusive sales opportunities for members.

Join our Double 12 Cash Back event to see exactly how much more you can be earning!

What is the Double 12 Sale?

If you’ve never heard of it before then you’re not alone. It’s unknown in the US and UK, but it is insanely popular in South East Asia. A sort of hybrid of Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day, this is an online shopping sale that was started by Alibaba, Asia’s largest online marketplace.

Double 12 Sale is always hosted on December 12th (The name is quite literal) but can last a few days.

While it started on Alibaba it has transcended the platform becoming a major shopping day for stores and marketplaces across the web.

The best news for you is that due to its success, many businesses operating outside of Asia are taking part in the Double 12 sale – giving you access to incredible deals no matter where you live.

Is the Double 12 Sale available in the US?

While it is primarily a South East Asia shopping festival, US customers can absolutely find great deals.

RebatesMe is hosting our own Double 12 event where shoppers will be able to grab incredible cash back rates and special sales opportunities for a large number of brands – even brands that aren’t traditionally hosting their own Double 12 sale.

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