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Your rewards are safe

RebatesMe 05/29/20 (PDT)

Earning cash back is a great feeling. That’s why opening your account and not seeing it can feel like a punch to the gut.

Missing cash back is not fun. But if you’re a RebatesMe member, your cash back is protected – allowing you to keep all of the rewards you’ve earned.

How does Cash Back Protection Work at RebatesMe?

Cash Back Protection is simple – if you’re experiencing missing cash back, you can file a claim and get your cash back protection back.

Make a Missing Cash Back Inquiry

Typical missing cash back inquiries usually take 90 days to be completed. This is because of how cash back sites work in general, but with RebatesMe cash back protection you can receive your missing cash back within 60 days.

How to qualify for Cash Back Protection

Cash back protection is available to all US RebatesMe members. However, there are still a few things members must do in order for their cash back to be processed and inquired. All of which are things that happen when you make a purchase.

1. You must be logged into your RebatesMe account when you make a purchase.

Cash back can only be earned by RebatesMe members. Without logging into your account, RebatesMe cannot confirm that you earned any rebate what-so-ever. While it’s easy to forget to login, RebatesMe will always give you a warning before you head off site if you are not logged in yet – making this a hard step to actually miss.

2. You have to have cookies enabled.

Cookies are how RebatesMe tracks your purchases and ensures you get the proper amount of cash back. If you’re blocking cookies, neither RebatesMe or the retailer can tell if your cash back is really valid.

3. You must hit the Shop Now button on the retailer page of your choice.

Each retailer on RebatesMe has its own page. In order to activate your cash back opportunity you must click on the Shop Now link. Doing so will take you directly to the merchant page where you can continue your shopping trip.

If you don’t like the idea of going to RebatesMe every time you want to earn cash back, you can always download the Cash Back Button. This will automatically show you cash back opportunities on whatever site your own – allowing you to activate your rewards without any hassle.

4. Your purchase should be made within one session.

This is where people get caught off guard the most. Let’s say you follow all the steps above. You’re logged into, you have cookies enabled and you clicked on the Shop Now button. Now after you head to the store, you should complete your purchase in that session in order to ensure you'll earn your cash back. If you merely add an item to your cart, then close your browser to come back later, your cash back might not track.

Like most sites out there, RebatesMe automatically logs you out after enough time has passed for security reasons. If you're logged out, you can't get your cash back tracked so always ensure that you make your purchase within a reasonable amount of time after clicking the Shop Now button.

When does Cash Back Protection kick in?

As long as the qualifications above are met, your cash back protection is always active. Ensuring that each shopping trip you make through RebatesMe is a rewarding one.

How to know if you’re missing cash back

If you’re curious as to how to exactly know if your cash back has gone missing, you can simply go to your account and check the status of your orders.

All orders you have placed, as well as all merchant pages you have visited on RebatesMe are available to view in your account.

The stores you visited will appear on your account homepage whether or not you made a purchase. You can also click on the Shopping Trips tab to the left to see the same information in a bit more detail.

To see orders you’ve made, click on My Cash Back & Bonuses in your account. There, you will see all your cash back rewards and what status they are in.

It’s here that you’ll spot missing cash back. If there’s an order you made that isn’t appearing – then you have missing cash back.

If an order status is set to Available but you haven’t seen a cash back increase in your account - then you also have missing cash back.

Please note that after you make a purchase, it can take 7 days for the cash back order to appear in your account because of how long it takes for retailers to confirm the purchase.

Find out More about Missing Cash Back

If its been 7 days and you still don’t see an increase in your account, then you definitely have missing cash back.

Missing Cash Back Exclusions

Now there are a few exclusions to earning cash back at RebatesMe. This is because each retailer on the site sets their own policies regarding when and how cash back is earned. As such, each retailer has Terms & Exclusions that you can easily view on their dedicated RebatesMe page.

While each retailer is slightly different, there are some exclusions that are practically universal.

Common cash back exclusions:

• Purchases made with Gift Cards

• Special or limited-edition items

• Trying to combine cash back with third party offers/coupons

Cash back protection does not guarantee you cash back for exclusions, so its always a good idea to check if there’s an exclusion before adding on a special coupon or trying to buy a very limited item.

If you have any questions about exclusions, or would like clarification about a specific offer, feel free to reach out to the RebatesMe customer service team.

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